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Basic Info
Full Name: Fallyn NightFire
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: (Ocrober 3rd, 2016)
Birthplace: Gardiner, Montana
At A Glance
At a glance Fallyn is a starry eyed wolf who's head is mostly in the clouds wondering if her mother is beyond the stars in a happy place.
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Profile of Fallyn: Details
Fallyn is a tan and black on her withers. She is an average sized she wolf that stands at about 3 feet high when measured from her front paws to the tip of her ears.
Fallyn is a well mannered she wolf. She is willing to die for he family and friends. She is a respectable she wolf who possesses knowledge beyond her years, taught to her by her mother. She has a way of speaking to others where she can get herself out of almost every situation using both her wits and clever wordplay. She does however have her flaws which include being very independent and she tends to push people away because of it, even when she doesn't mean to
The young she-wolf left her pack in hopes of starting a life of her own, she was an astronomer and a toxicologist in her last pack, but once her wander lust set in Fallyn traveled far and beyond her birth lands until ultimately stumbling across Teekon wilds in hopes of either joining a pack or creating her own.
Mother- Echo (whereabouts unknown)
Father- unknown
Mate- none
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