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Basic Info
Full Name: Chiko "Zen" Unkan
Meaning: 'small tiger of the cloud valley'

Subspecies: wolfdog
Specifics:½ timber wolf, ¼ shepherd, ¼ husky

Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (November 6th 2016)
Birthplace: Unkan (outside teekon wilds)
At A Glance
[Image: tumblr_oo3ara28vu1vdg10oo1_400.gif]

A reddish blur that seems out of place.
A lanky guy with kind champagne gold eyes and a pink nose.
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Profile of Zen: Details
Due to his heritage he is obviously destined to remain smaller than any full bred wolf, especially other males. He has a plush, soft coat that thickens in winter and lightens in the summer, only a white splotch on his chest disturbs the otherwise uniform shades of red and copper that cover him entirely.

He has a narrow snout, a bit longer than the average wolf, wide ears that sit atop his head and are often shifting and moving like antennae, and kind champagne golden eyes that give a certain warmth to his face.
His most remarkable facial feature is however his nose, a wet pink thing.

scars: ---
scent: due to his recent travels along the coast he feels of seaweed

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Devout – skittish – intelligent – spiritual – selfish at times – fiercely loyal – snaps occasionally – misunderstood – remorseful – reckless adrenaline junkie – hidden heart of gold – trying to find himself

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A conflicted young man.
Being raised in the core of a highly committed and spiritual pack, Zen has the principles of their beliefs engraved into his heart, yet lately his heart has been beating to a different drum.

On one hand he continues to be a calm creature that tries not to let others disturb his inner piece, a devout student always hungry for knowledge and a faithful companion with generosity to spare.
A trophy son according to his parents.

On the other hand, maybe because of his young age, he has become a reckless troublemaker not shy of picking a fight. He has shown to be selfish when it comes to his own desires, often taking more than he needs and deserves.
A total shame according to everything he was taught.

Zen now fluctuates between these two versions of himself, not knowing how to find balance. He is still a devoted believer of the Buddhist-like teachings of his pack, yet he struggles to keep his actions righteous.
Though he still seeks the promised enlightment, the dark has become increasingly tempting.
Sin is irresistible.


nature, finding the path to enlightment, meditation, hunting small game

• Gamekeeper; aspiring birdcatcher or trapper
•Naturalist; aspiring botanist
• Counselor; aspiring therapist
Born to first time parents Dairyu and Genju in the secluded terrain, a desolate valley in which the silence and fog seemed to be always present, that his birth pack claimed as its own. He had a happy childhood, yet it was not filled with all the usual fun and games.

Since he was very young he, along with his siblings, began to be taught about the pack’s Buddhist-like beliefs and worship rites. He was quick to learn and began to live his life according to the principles he grew to learn and adopt.

Months went by and something inside Chiko, an irresistible urge to explore, caused him to leave his family behind.

He stumbled into the Teekon Wilds during the early weeks of winter of 2017.
Pack History
nuclear family
Dairyu Unkan ♂ (meaning: Great dragon of the cloud valley)
Genju Unkan ♀ (meaning: Mysterious jewel of the cloud Valley)

Gyosei Unkan ♀ (meaning: Morning star of the cloud valley)
Ichika Unkan ♀ (meaning: Single flower of the cloud valley)
Keijo Unkan ♀ (meaning: Bright gem of the cloud valley)

to be determined.

sisters up for adoption! pm me!
UNKAN - puppy ; Zeta ; Gamma

LONE WOLF - currently
Profile of Zen: Additional Information
(All members of the pack carry the same surname)
Names given at birth may change depending to the accomplishment one earns during one's lifetime

some words used in the threads are from the zen buddhism name catalog they will be put in itallics - hover for meaning

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