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Full Name: garait teryn
Subspecies: buffalo wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (5.6.14)
Birthplace: triva mountains
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massive, heavy-footed. seafoam eyes. powerfully built for the drag and the fight, not for speed.
stoic - direct - sometimes rude - savagely loyal - incredibly large - unapproachable - pointed
garait and his brother venextos are all that remains of a pagi obliterated by warring soldiers. groomed for the position of warchief, garait finds himself in ruination, his blood relatives and the core of their culture, the council, utterly decimated.

worshipper of insubra, the white boar, golak, the red bear, and golharan, the black stag
Pack History
grandmother -- (maternal) boudica
parents -- teryncerix x triva
siblings -- venextos , caderyn
TRIVA MOUNTAINS -- brennus (warchief initiate)
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