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Mate to Murdock
Basic Info
Full Name: Poppy
Subspecies: Border Collie Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 (April 7th, 2016)
Birthplace: Prairie
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"barefoot on a summer night"

Poppy is of medium size for her breed, but overshadowed by perhaps every wolf in Teekon. Standing at about 20 inches at the shoulder, she is nimble and quick, but hardly any good in a fight. Due to her mixed heritage, her coat is thicker than that of a purebred collie, and yet is sparse compared to that of a wolf; making winters hard to bear.

Chestnut eyes peer from a narrow, streamlined face, ears huge and bat-like in comparison to a wolf. Her muzzle, limbs and underbelly is garbed in creamy white, but the rest of her is a rich chocolate brown, with a smattering of faded chocolate on her muzzle.

[Image: poppy-silo.png]
[Image: c51880828b6cdb952a7d361abeb4e9ce.png]

"never could be sweeter than with you"

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pre-game history
Poppy was born alongside 4 other pups somewhere in the Canadian prairie. Her mother was a purebred herding dog, her father an aged and feral sled-dog. While taking after her mother in appearance, Poppy inherited the fierce will to survive and thicker coat from her unknown sire. Half-feral, her brothers and sisters grew to herd and to hunt the small pests that vexed their owner, gophers, mice and the like. After living a quiet childhood alongside her family, was eventually sold to another rancher. A romantic at heart, she felt there was more to life in adventure and travel, and thus slipped away and travelled west. Entered Teekon a semi-experienced traveller on the brink of winter.

Poppy, experiencing her first winter alone, came across a wolf name Murdock. He offered to take her with him to his pack, Easthollow, in exchange for her company. Lonely and thrilled to experience pack life, she quickly agreed. Some time later she was accepted into the pack by Valette, learned some wolves consider her prey, and began the process of settling down into a wolf's life. She came to encounter a wide range of wolves and fauna, learning valuable lessons and finding another friend in Engel. Also referred to as the "red man", he introduced Poppy to drugs. Some time later, during the super lunar eclipse, Poppy and Murdock became mates. In march, however, Murdock passes away suddenly, leaving poppy alone once more.

after her mate's death, poppy leaves easthollow. she seeks out engel in order to tell him the news, but instead uses him to try and patch the grief, neglecting to inform him of Murdocks death and instead mating with him. this leaves her feeling guilty and shamed,
and she flees up the coast.

[Image: h0fMIWD.jpg]
Trades and Skills

Herding: Her first-learned skill, Poppy has been taught to herd to assist her masters in managing their sheep, and has adapted it for use in the Wilds

Hunting (Small Prey): As a pup and youth, Poppy hunted to rid her masters' place of vermin, and now this skill becomes necessary to survival

Herd-Watching: Under the tutelage of Valette, Poppy learns more about wild herds and the importance of monitoring their health and growth.


Pack History

Father: Unknown; feral mutt
Mother: Dew
Siblings: Sprig, Leif, Marigold

Mate: Murdock

-> lone dog
( 16/09/2017 - 21/12/2017)
-> easthollow
( 22/12/2017 - 10/03/2018 )
-> lone dog
( 10/03/2018 - present )
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