Profile of Theia: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Theia Argyris
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley wolf x Great Plains wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1.6 years (April 21, 2016)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
At A Glance
A slim, long-legged feminine wolf. Her extremities are dark, and the rest of her is silver. Icy-blue eyes bore into all. Her tail is long and luxurious.
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Profile of Theia: Details
Theia's build is tall and slim, but still muscular. She stands 30 inches at the shoulder and is currently underweight, weighing 88 pounds. Silver hair intermingles with black on all but her extremities. Pale blue eyes contrast with her dark face, making them appear ice-cold. Her tail is quite long, like her legs. Overall, her appearance is very elegant.
She was too much under the influence of an ardent imagination to adhere to common rules.—Mary Wollstonecraft

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Selfish - Condescending - Manipulative - Vain - Needy - Confident - Curious - Intuitive

Theia is a strange she-wolf who is detached from reality with egocentrism stemming from a god complex. Unlike those with a superiority complex, she acts superior not because of internal feelings of inferiority, but because she truly believes that she is superior to others down to her very core. She is a goddess, as her name clearly states, as her friends have told her so. This delusion has its roots in her mind, plagued with schizophrenia and narcissistic personality disorder. However, she is learning that she must compromise and swallow her pride at times if she is to survive.

Theia frequently hears voices and has even learned to distinguish them from one another. Sometimes, the voices are associated with visual hallucinations, which manifest in shadowy, wolf-like forms, and they all have names. Other times, she hallucinates out-of-place objects, like a boulder floating in thin air. She struggles to keep her attention on something for too terribly long and is quite forgetful. Getting information out of her can sometimes be a pain because she experiences poverty of speech, so her answers are often not as thorough as one would like, which may be interpreted negatively. Theia goes through phases of detachment where she is unsociable and others where her severe symptoms spring up.

Despite how strongly schizophrenia affects her, it - for the most part - is not what makes her difficult to get along with. This can be attributed to narcissistic personality disorder. As the name implies, she is quite full of herself. She loves everything about herself from her looks to her voice and how she walks. Theia has no flaws. She is incredibly important, deserving utmost respect and preferential treatment, and she will do anything to get that, even if it means lying, backstabbing, manipulating, or killing.

Theia is an expert liar, as she learned from a young age that lies are powerful assets; they prevent you from getting in trouble and get you out of it if you’re in it. She learned to pay attention to what others value to hold it against them and get what she wants. Manipulation is also lovely when she just wants someone to suffer. How useful for a being as spiteful as herself.

To be further developed IC.
Theia was born to a fairly normal pack as a daughter of the alphas. She had loving parents, siblings to play with, and plenty of food. She was good-looking and received many compliments, and she was always showered in praise. This all went to her head, developing into narcissism. As she got older, something else began to stir beneath the surface. Theia began to close herself off, feeling unsually antisocial. A month or so later, she would speak of hearing voices, then seeing out-of-place things. Fed by her narcissism, her mind manifested beings who fed her nonsense, including that she was actually a goddess reincarnated. This made sense to her, and her narcissism reached new territory. She lost respect for anyone in the pack, including her parents. Fed up with her nonsense and inexcusable disrespect for everyone, she was exiled.

Being a loner sobered her up, albeit only a little. She tires of the constant threat of starvation, but what is perhaps worse is the lack of attention. At this point, Theia is willing to swallow her pride and bite her tongue ‘till it bleeds for the sake of having a place to call home, protection, regular meals, and most importantly, attention.

To be continued.
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