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Full Name: Harley 'Bear' Steele
Subspecies: Mackenzie River Wolf x Coywolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 years old (May 26th, 2016)
Birthplace: Frostbite Mountain
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Harley is a girl of middling size. She has a stocky, leggy built that’s built for endurance and assiduous strength, but not particularly speed or agility. Her features are straight-edged and pointed and made more pronounced by her pelt, which hugged close to the curvatures of her neck and chest, as well as her belly and limbs. Her ears and tail are rounded and thick with a soft, wool-like fur. Harley is an ambitious wolf and it shows upon her physique, which has been well-honed during sparring practice and kept supple through the weird sense of joie de vivre about it all.

The girl is comprised of varying shades of brown and amber. Generally, her pelt is a curious tint of chocolate brown, but in various lights, a golden undercoat can be seen flashing. She wears stockings so dark that they are almost black, and a mask over her honeywide eyes that often mutes her expressions and gives her a cool disenchanted vibe. Her voice is deep, husky, and lingers on every word.

scent — salted caramel and cedar — true neutral
human model — marion cotillard

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Oblivious, cuddly and confused - she earned the nickname 'teddy bear' due to her adorably clumsy and oblivious tendencies. Her life is filled with new encounters, and she keeps her social circle unintentionally wide to prevent herself from becoming bored. Within these circles, her ambition leads her to naturally assume leadership roles — whether simply in conversation or while working towards a common goal. Harley is reckless, driven primarily by emotion but bears a heart of true gold. She can sometimes be perceived as turbulent and is prone to fits of flaring rage — she can be insecure given her background of abandonment and is prone to jealousy.

[Image: MHJhozY.png]

The result of an ill-timed fling between a pack wolf and a loner.

Her mother abandoned her by the borders of a random pack as soon as she could. Thankfully, the pack's Alphas took her in and cared for her as if she was their own - Harley made quick friends with the leaders' kids, Raiden and Isak and fitted easily into the familial pack. However, she could not shake away the feeling that despite everything, she is still the outcast, the charity case and as a result, devoted everything to the pack, always going out of her way to help and prove her loyalty. She had potential in the arts of sparring and often sought out Isak to practice - too much, in Isak's opinion. Sometimes, Harley even went and picked fights with loners by the borders, resulting in too many injuries to count. Raiden, being the apprentice medic, and bearing a soft spot for Harley, often patched her up after these little spars and it wasn't long before the two developed feelings for each other. Harley was brave and brazen, wild and ferocious, charming and charismatic, but she was also gentle and kind, doting and teasing and it wasn't long before Genie found herself falling for the warrior. And one night, she confessed. It turned out that Harley returned her feelings, and they dated in secret for a while, trying to understand how the whole relationship thing worked. Their happiness was not to last, however, as they were to be discovered by Raid's parents, the Alphas, who, although did not expulse the two, ordered them to stop 'whatever that is' immediately. Harley was afraid of being judged and kicked out - she knew she had been taken in as a charity case, and wanted to show that she was more than one. Genie didn't mind, as long as they could still be together, even in secret.  Harley, feeling as though she owed the two Alphas and severely afraid of their disappointment, coupled with the fear of abandonment eventually went to Raiden and asked to break off their relationship. It hurt. It hurt even more when Raiden disappeared a few days later and never returned.

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