Profile of Bernard: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Bernard Donauri
Subspecies: Caucasian shepherd x Mackenzie Valley wolf [Mid-content wolfdog]
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years (May 15, 2016)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
At A Glance
Huge and hulking, Bernard stands at about as tall as a wolf can get. His fluffy fur only makes him appear larger. He is mostly black with some tan peeking through. His legs are completely tan. Small ears can barely hold themselves up. He looks wolfish yet different.
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Profile of Bernard: Details
Bernard is a quite stocky, burly canine with long fur covering his body, though still more leggy than any Caucasian shepherd. His fur is mostly black with tan hair peeking through here and there, bar his legs, which are mostly tan. It becomes especially long around his neck, forming a lion-esq mane. Underneath all of that fur are rippling muscles. He stands tall at 34 inches at the shoulders, weighing a hefty 134 pounds.

His head and muzzle are somewhere in-between that of a wolf and a Caucasian shepherd in thickness, though it is clear there is wolf in him from the length of his snout. He retains somewhat softened, deep brown eyes from his domestic heritage. While his ears stand up for the most part, they do not stay well due to weakened cartilage—also thanks to the flopped ears of his father.
Neutral Good

Charitable - Kind - Protective - Loyal - Possessive - Stubborn - Temperamental

Bernard is powerful and he knows it, but he is far from all brawn and no brains. His father's breed is known for its sharpness and independence. Combined with the cunningness of the wolf, he is no fool. He is humorous and approachable when appropriate — solemn and serious when necessary. The loyalty of the dog has trickled down into him, thus he is unwavering in the duties he swears to take on. Also engraved in his blood is the instinct to fiercely protect all that he values. While not fearless, he is willing to face his fears head-on if what he cares about is threatened, and he is a highly determined canine. Bernard is incredibly charitable — even to strangers, lest they give reason for suspicion. For he has a heart of gold and is quite empathetic, plus cooperation is a powerful tool.

Though he tries to be as good as he can, Bernard is flawed like any other being. His loyalty and protectiveness can lead to possessiveness and jealousy. Stubbornness, while sometimes a strength, can also be a weakness. He tries to take any challenge on so headstrong that he tends to shrug off others' reasoning or even his own better judgement. His anger also sometimes gets the best of him, and he does things he may regret after coming to his senses.
Bernard's father was a purebred Caucasian shepherd who overlooked a farm. A daring she-wolf would approach him every once in a while, but he didn't let her get too close. Nonetheless, she would try to make conversation with him each time, despite him being unwelcoming. She finally began to grow on him, and he no longer saw her as a threat. The two became friends, even, and this friendship blossomed into a relationship.

When the shepherd asked the wolf why she was so persistent in trying to befriend him, she confessed that her pack was strict and unfriendly. She had no friends. In the beginning, she was merely pestering the dog for entertainment, but then she realized he could be much kinder than her pack mates. She convinced him to leave with her to start their own pack, and so they did.

Times were hard, especially with Bernard's father being accustomed to human care. They managed to raise two pups to yearlings, but this meant intruding on the wolf's old pack's territory for prey. Both of his parents were killed after finally being caught, and Bernard was separated from his brother in the chaos. Now, he wanders the Teekon Wilds alone.

To be continued.
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Profile of Bernard: Additional Information
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