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Full Name: Kiran
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (October 7th, 2016)
Birthplace: Canada
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Kiran is a mostly white wolf with brown/light brown colored eyes. Her fur is almost pure white except for black throughout her withers as well as the tip of her tail which is also black and has light specks of brown which are usually unnoticeable in the wintertime but show when the sun gleams on her fur in spring and summer. She is a decent sized female despite her living on her own, who holds a neutral stance. Like most canines, her fur is thick in the winter providing her warmth from the cold which has helped her many times.

As she gets older her white coat will become more darker and the white will begin to fade into grey as well.
Kiran whose name in Sanskrit means "Star" or "divine light" is true to her name. She has a natural down to earth nature and a calm way of speaking that is soft and gentle. Though she is a kind wolf, she is also a bad enemy to have. Due to her upbringing by her mother Echo, Kiran has always been around nature, learning about plants as well as their uses and which to stay away from. She was taught at a young age to be respectful of her superiors. She is kind by nature and always tries to find a way out or to avoid a bad situation or problem. However, despite her lax demeanor, Kiran is not a carefree wolf. She is a very devoted she-wolf and almost always has her priorities straight. Throughout her life, she has never had her loyalty questioned. She is a very family oriented wolf and would do anything for her friends and family as well as her pack. Even though Kiran is a hardworking and honest wolf, she has her flaws also. She is very self-conscious about her self and her actions which make her a bit shy but, despite all that, she is a very selfless and rational wolf. She is determined and strongwilled and will kick your a*s if you get in her way of achieving her dreams and threaten her family and pack.
Kiran was born to a shewolf named Echo and to this day had no knowledge of her father. Her mother kept it secret from everyone within the tribe due to the male already having a mate and children. She left with Kiran soon after. Joining another pack.

Growing up she distanced herself from her mother and eventually separated from her and began to try and find her own path. That’s when she stumbled upon Teekon Wilds as well as East Hollow. After impressing one of the wolves within it she joins the pack. However her wanderlust came back and she departs. Making her way back to her homeland only to find her mother and news she never expected.

Upon leaving Easthollow kiran rejoined her home pack after falling in love and finding out she was pregnant Everything was perfect then it wasn’t. One day she left the pups with (insert name here) to go hunting and stretch her legs and when she returned him and her three pups Kian, Aryan, and Brielle. She searched for months but after a while she figured they were gone for good. After that she was weak and tired from malnutrition and she was found by her sister that her mother never told her about. Then like everything she disappeared as well. With nothing else she returns to Easthollow
Pack History
Mother Echo (estranged)

Father Jono (passed away)


Half Siblings
Liri (via Jono and Ectsi)

March 12, 2019

Kian, Aryan, and Brielle

Moonrise (birth pack)

East Hollow (December 24, 2017- May 2018)

Lone wolf (May 2018-present)
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