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Sybella Streiter
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Full Name: Sybella Streiter
Subspecies: Gray wolf x Unknown
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (September, 9th 2014)
Birthplace: Unknown
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Artwork by Ken Conger
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Sybella is the smallest of the three, her brothers seeming to tower over her almost if stood directly beside her. Bella is blessed with a small and svelte frame, appearing delicate to most (though this isn't the case). Her pelt is a similar color to her siblings, though the array of many shades of browns, whites and grays are a much paler tone to theirs. Sybella eyes share the same golden hue to that of her oldest sibling, Sylvas.
Sybella is a shy, sweet caring thing at first, having always been under the protection of her older brother, Soryn throughout their journey into the Wilds. Sybella tends to come across as shy, though once the barrier that was created since Sylvas' disappearance falls, the girl can be rather pleasant and lively. She is a wolf with a heart of gold, patient and curious of the world around her.
Parents: Sylvak Streiter ♂ Arkit ♀
Siblings: Sylvas Streiter ♂ Soryn Streiter ♀
Neice/Nephew: Sorrel Marie ♀ Kieran Adrien ♂
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