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Full Name: Ithrik
Subspecies: Coywolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (2014)
Birthplace: Himminrond
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A tall and lean skeleton. Fashioned of long legs and slim features, Ithrik is a stilt-bound boogeyman. Comprised of ink, ivory, and stormy charcoal; Ithrik's coat pattern is striking and unsettling. Masked in a grim hood of coal, the only change in color on his face is that of contrasting white marks around his eyes. The hood fades to a charcoal that lines his throat and chest, while at the nape of his neck starts a cloak of frost that seems to cling to him like a thick, plush collar. This white goes unbroken across his shoulders and moves down his first few ribs to coat his underbelly. The rest of his back is shaded in ink that stretches down each limber leg and shrouds his tail in a muddy black-charcoal. Ithrik's eyes are a shocking jack-o-lantern orange; a striking contrast to the black and white of his body.
If Ithrik were to look like a human, he would look like Stanley Tucci as George Harvey

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NEPHEW: Iliksis
Profile of Ithrik: Additional Information
Ithrik is rated NSF<18. He will not join any open threads unless he has been specifically tagged to join. If you would like to thread with Ithrik, bear in mind that his threads are mature. If you would like to specifically request a thread with Ithrik, please feel free to send a PM or create a thread and tag him, and I will respond. With this; please do not join his threads if you are uncomfortable with graphic characters/explicit outcomes. If you are uncomfortable with the direction a thread is going, please feel free to reach out to me and we can come to a diplomatic ending.

Ithrik is based on Albert Fish.
Please bear in mind the warning above before threading with him. If you would like to participate in threads/plots, please feel free to PM me.
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