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Basic Info
Full Name: Sascha Melonii
Subspecies: Mackenzie / Arctic / Etc
Sex: Male
Age: 1.5 Years (June 9th, 2016)
Birthplace: Elsewhere
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Sascha is currently away. Reason: grad school - here but scarce. message me on discord if you need sth
Away Since: Today — Returns on: Unknown

Profile of Sascha: Details
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compact build, thick, plush fur. black that fades to dark grey and silver along their sides and neck, complemented by white-lined lips and a white streak across their throat. light eye markings give them a dull, tired look. subtly heterochromatic eyes: the right pumpkin orange, the left, dull yellow.
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cold, indifferent, easily bored. sascha is agender and uses singular they pronouns to refer to themselves; they expect the same from others.
sascha was former ward and now adopted child to evgeni and meldor melonii.
Pack History
evgeni & meldor melonii -- adoptive fathers
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Profile of Sascha: Additional Information
Player Information: e
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hi, i'm e! i use they/them pronouns.

note: i write in third person limited + often evoke unreliable narration as a writing tool. what my character thinks/purports to know may not match reality exactly. if you're ever confused or unsure about a post ive made feel free to ask!