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Basic Info
Full Name: Zenith Theyn
Subspecies: British Columbian Wolf (C.l. columbianus)
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (March 15, 2016)
Birthplace: Elsewhere
At A Glance
Tall, 90% fluff, probably looks serene. Vaguely looks like a Siamese cat with the wrong color eyes.
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Profile of Zenith: Details
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Primarily a dark color somewhere between an inky black and dark chocolate, Zenith's guard hairs are significantly lighter, almost a pale flaxen color that significnatly lightens the fluffy mane of fur around her neck. If you dunked her in water, she'd probably come out a much darker color. Her eyes are an equally pale gold, and she notably has two white toes on her front right foot -- the inner ones. She also has a large white blaze that covers a large section of her chest. Zenith is a large wolf, made of fluff not bulk, but likely able to hold her own in a fight.
Calm, kind of an ice queen at times, lawful good, believes in destiny/fate, likely has a big ego about certain things, really wants her own pack. Awkward around pups.
Early on, Zenith and her brother, Iovan, had a happy puppyhood, born the children of the beta-equivalent pair. When they were several months old, a fire burned much of their land and a not-insignificant number of the pack were lost, some trying to save a younger group of pups, others simply making the wrong choice in the unpredictable inferno. Among the casualties was the alpha and much of his direct family.

Most survivors moved to a nearby allied pack, but obviously it stripped Zenith and Iovan's parents of their titles. While they were there, their mother, Ellara, told them many stories about their old pack lands from before the flames -- what they were missing -- and a whole bunch of legends of heroic deeds. She really did a good job making both Zenith and Iovan dream about what was possible.

Both siblings really wanted to go lead their own pack so they repeatedly nagged parents and superiors for lessons on how to do so. Most of the nagging was done by Zenith, but it eventually worked and they were given an education on what was needed (mostly because their new alpha was desperately hoping the near-yearlings would buzz off and quit giving her kids crazy ideas).

At just under a year and a half, Zenith and Io felt they were ready to go. Their parents were staying behind, as they had been given permission to have a second litter and wished to do so in safety.

Since leaving their parents, Zenith and Io have stopped along the way in several packs that seemed promising, the last being nearby the Teekon Wilds. Iovan actually wanted to give that pack a bit more of a try, and after a brief fight, Zenith set off ahead of him to find the land where they should actually live, assured that he'd come to his senses eventually.
Pack History
Parents - Dean & Ellara
Littermate - Iovan
Before Teekon
Valkyrie Peaks - Pup
Neighbor pack - Pup, subordinate
Various intermediate packs

Lone wolf

Trade Ideas, in order of likelihood
Mercenary - Guardian/Warrior
Scout - Ambassador
Counselor - Mediator
Profile of Zenith: Additional Information
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