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Onyx Saefyn
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Basic Info
Full Name: Onyx Saefyn
Subspecies: Wolfdog (75% Wolf, 25% Mixed Dog)
Sex: Female
Age: 4.3 Years (24/12/2013)
Birthplace: Northern Europe
At A Glance
Healthy coat, lean muscle, although on the slimmer side. Her eyes are almost always wary when meeting new animals. Her walk and run are graceful.

Scent: Rain soaked earth, sunflowers, dried pine needles, summer wind
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Profile of Onyx Saefyn: Details
A dark cream coat with hints of grey at her back, and a white stripe hanging over her shoulders. Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown. She is tall like her brother, but carries herself with more elegance.

[Image: gxPPFql.png]

Before meeting Dakarai, the sunlit wolfess was used to being on her own, yet disliked the lack of company. Other wolves made her skittish and jumpy, but they were always showed kindness. Curiousness was very high, and combined with her impulsiveness, caused her trouble. Roaming was her life, and she enjoyed it.

Yet meeting Dakarai and the events that followed has changed her. She is calm around other wolves, no longer so submissive that she would let just anyone walk over her. Her stubbornness has grown, and despite being the picture of brokenness or closed off, there is a spark of sassiness and playfulness buried deep. She longs for friendship and wants to meet more of her pack mates.

[Image: v5Ybx9r.png]
Pack History
-Outside of the Teekon-
Mother: Unknown dog
Father: Unknown wolf
Littermates: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

-Inside the Teekon-
Littermates: Mawk
Sister-In-Law: Illecebra
Niece: Rowana
Nephews: Burr, Cyron
HalfMoon Canyon - δ (April 19, 2016- March 1, 2017)
Lone Wolf - (March 1, 2017- February 2, 2018)
Bearclaw Valley - λ (Feb. 2, 2018-present)
Profile of Onyx Saefyn: Additional Information
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