Profile of Nikan: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Nikan Ohanza
Subspecies: 90% Mackenzie Valley 10% Domestic dog
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years old (April 12th 2016)
Birthplace: Salmon falls
At A Glance
A large form only made larger by his thick floofy coat. Dark eyes with a bright center that stare direct and true.
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Profile of Nikan: Details
A large brute with a thick and fluffy coat consisting of various shades of brown,cream and black. His eyes are a dark shade of purple with bright blue around the iris.

his fur is marred by patches of scarring now.

His right foreleg is scarred to the point of constant pain.

His left eye has a scar over it.
A rogue with a fiery temper and a twisted, explosive nature on the outside.

Inside he's a mess.

Nikan has issues and violent tendencies but he isn't entirely evil. He does have kindness and softness buried deep within that his newly found friend Zula has begun to bring out.
Nikan was raised alongside Awinita and was designated to be her betrothed. Despite his controlling and often explosive nature they were very close and she seemed to be the only one able to control and calm him.

When Awinita left he lost it a bit and set out to find her, whether to just be near her or to claim her as his own is yet to be decided.

Unable to find Awinita he instead is recruited by Kelina. He does well and earns her respect by kidnapping members.

One member Zula begins to get under his skin and soften him up. When shadow Mountain disbands, him and Zula leave together.
Pack History
He grew up with Awinita.
Hunter- Salmon River

Pledged to Shadow mountain

May 2018: Lone wolf
Profile of Nikan: Additional Information
Knows Awinita closely. Was her childhood best friend.

His cruelness and violence seems to be dying down.
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