Profile of Chausiku: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Chausiku Nijiru
Subspecies: British Columbia wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2.5 years (March 3, 2017)
Birthplace: Maloka
At A Glance
A pale figure dipped in ink with a serpent wrapped 'round her neck. She stares at you in the distance with gilded eyes.
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Profile of Chausiku: Details

Chausiku is a lean, petite woman of average proportions. Her tan fur looks as if she were dipped in soot from the black on her points and belly that seeps inwards. A black patch rests on her back, and a nigh invisible speck of white dots the center of her chest. Her sharp eyes are a bright, piercing gold, and they rest in an angular skull. 100 lbs, 31" at the shoulder.
True Neutral - INTP

Sharp - Calm - Confident - Dutiful - Blunt - Vengeful

Chausiku is a very straightforward woman. She tells people what she thinks regardless of what their reaction may be. Some appreciate such transparency, and others hate it, finding it insensitive. But in truth, she is very empathetic and cares deeply for the well-being of her family, blood or not.

Dutiful as they come, she takes her responsibilities seriously and keeps herself busy from sunup to sundown. To prevent others from worrying about her, she keeps her feelings bottled up, and they rarely spill. Many see her as strong for this, but being closed-off means she often suffers in silence.

Raised to be a priestess, Chausiku is a devout follower of Hiladini. Even so, this does not stop her from being a vengeful spirit. Anyone who crosses her family will be swiftly met with her teeth.

Daughter of the High Priestess, Chausiku was put to a test shortly after birth. A kingsnake slithered over her vulnerable form and remained with her, signifying that she was destined for greatness. From a young age, she took private lessons from her mother to learn about Hiladini and their god of wohship, Hilaeusi.

She grew into a sharp, confident woman, respected by all in Maloka. After her mother's death from a landslide caused by the recent earthquakes, Chausiku set out with several of her packmates to spread the word of Hiladini, believing a fight between Hilaeusi and Nondofir to be the culprit. The other gods must be reasoned with and Hilaeusi freed. This brings her to the Teekon Wilds.
Pack History
✝Penda Nijiru♀, Zuberi Nijiru♂
Sauda Nijiru♀
Aunts & Uncles
MALOKA3/3/17 - 9/12/19
LONE WOLF9/12/19 - Present day
Profile of Chausiku: Additional Information
Chausiku's views and beliefs do not reflect my own, nor do they reflect what is truly happening.

Chausiku is fluent in both the common tongue and Swahili, though her accent is distinctly foreign.

She has a black and white kingsnake she carries everywhere she goes.

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