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Full Name: Sirimiri Corten
Subspecies: Vancouver Island Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 4 (April 16th, 2013)
Birthplace: Vargas Island
At A Glance
Leggy girl.
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Profile of Sirimiri: Details
Sirimiri is tall and streamlined with a sandy base coast, pale unders, and taupe guard hairs.
Honest, open, and hard-working. Tends to see the world in the simplest terms possible.
Sirimiri was born
Parents: Riptide and Kirynnae
Siblings: Undertow, Spindrift, Crosscurrent, Tidewater, Brontide, Whitecap, Breaker, Kailani, Backrush, Serein, Moonglade
Assorted: Coelacanth, Amoxtli, Chelan, Catori
Profile of Sirimiri: Additional Information
Sirimiri's twin sister Serein is up for adoption. Please PM KJ and me for more information.
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