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Full Name: Shadowheart
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (April 5th 2015)
Birthplace: East of the Teekon Wilds
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Profile of Shadowheart: Details
Shadowheart is a black pelted male with vibrant green eyes. He is slightly larger than the average wolf, but is by no means the largest. He is however, quite strong for his size. His fur length is average, and is cut by multiple scars on his shoulders and flanks.
Despite what may be assumed from his name, Shadowheart is by no means a cruel or evil character. His name is more symbolic of the many hardships he has faced, than of a cruel nature.
Shadowheart is wise beyond his years, as he has faced many challenges and had to survive on his own for a fair amount of his life. The dark male has an uncanny ability to pick is battles.
Shadowheart has difficulty trusting others and integrating into pack life due to past experiences with a cruel alpha and betrayal. However, if you manage to gain his trust, Shadowheart is incredibly loyal.
The dark male is an independent soul, adding to his difficulties in pack life. At is core however, he is like most wolves, with a fierce desire for the comforts a pack can offer.
Originally named Shadow, the dark male was born some distance to the west of the Teekon Wilds. His pack consisted of his parents as the alpha pair, a few subordinates, and his litter mates, as well as some other pups.
When Shadow was a just over a year old, his pack was driven put by rivals. His parents were killed, and he was separated from his siblings. Wracked with sorrow and cursed by inexperience, Shadow and another male who had survived the attack traveled west.
Shadow and his companion found another pack to join quickly. The dark male rapidly learned the ways of the wild, and quickly climbed through the ranks of the pack. However, tragedy would strike within the ranks as the alpha was killed and a tyrant took his place. For three months, the pack suffered under the dictators rule, Until Shadow lead an uprising and cast down the enemy. Many in the pack expected him to take the alpha position, but Shadow declined, instead electing to travel further west.
Shadow continued alone on his travels, eventually finding love with which he hoped to build a peaceful life. However, fate once again took a tragic turn, as the female betrayed Shadow for another. Broken, the dark male renamed himself Shadowheart and continued his travels. Eventually, he arrived at the edges of teekon.
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