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Basic Info
Full Name: Casimir Jolon Starseeker
Subspecies: Grey Wolf/Arctic Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (November 1, 2016)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
At A Glance
Faceclaim: Jordan Fisher
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Profile of Casimir: Details
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Casimir is a lean, muscled young boy with gleaming green eyes and a thick, winter white coat. He has a silver mask with champagne and pale-gold mark his cheeks and outer-face, and white brow dots. There is a strip of that arctic white that lies on his lips going up to just above his pink nose. This same white marks a round patch further up on his snout, on the bridge between his snout and forehead. His ears are also touched with this snowy color. The same tints of pale sand and champagne that marks his face splashes his back in a saddle, and he also has a silver and gold tailtip. Casimir is quite handsome, much like his sister Xahi. The young male has thick, dense fur around his neck. Cas has a slender face, and although he is long and graceful, he has very powerful legs. He weighs in at 100lbs and is 2"9 feet at the shoulder.

Casimir is a kind, charming young boy with a knack for making new friends. Cas has a very boyish, sweet look about him, which immediately gives him the upper hand in charm. Not only does he look the part, but this young man has the personality too. Casimir is caring and friendly, but also ambitious. Although he has a sweet heart, Casimir's dedication to being the best of the best can cause unsavory situations for him. Along with this, Casimir has a hard time expressing his emotions to those he's close to, and tends to hide away. He often finds himself comforting and caring for others yet not feeling safe enough to express his own emotions.

Casimir was born alongside his siblings, Varr, Xahi, Aezra, and Adonis, to their mother, Ezimette. After Ezimette was killed in battle, Cas and his siblings set off to find the Teekon Wilderness, which Ezimette often spoke of. However, they became estranged, and have not interacted since.
Mother: Ezimette
Father: Unknown/TBD
Siblings:Xahi,Arnvarr, Aezra,
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