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Thistle Cloud
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Basic Info
Full Name: Thistle Cloud Loðbrók
Subspecies: 1/2 Canadian Wolf, 1/2 Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (march 10 2012)
At A Glance
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Profile of Thistle Cloud: Details
Sandy brown fur encases the petite wolf, while one white paw tip glove breaks up the even coloring. Azure blue eyes look out of a face filled with intrigue and innocence. Full of laughter, wisdom and vulnerability eyes that can hook one in and keep them prisoner. Though tiny she is mighty and her eyes also have a sharp appeal to them, letting one know that she can hold her own. Fur of down and softness, with ears half cocked tipped at the top with slight black, so tiny it is almost invisible.
Sweet spoken, but with fire in her eyes and a sharp retort usually ready if needed. Most often she is kind and docile, however she is not one to be pushed into anything she does not want. If there is abuse around her or done to her, she becomes a spitfire of epic proportions. There is extreme curiosity and inquisitiveness in her mind, almost impulsive.
She is naivety at its best, and often the ways of the world are lost on her, which often leads to a hard lesson learned. She is a knowledgeable tiny Viking, and healing is the way she makes her life. A teacher at her core, she lends a helping paw where she can and teaches though she can about the ways of herbs and their healing properties.
Thistle Cloud was born to the healer midwife SpottedFawn, her mother’s own torrid and cruel life, was what helped to form Thistle into the wolf she is. And her father is GhostTracker, he and his mother were deeply in love and the main relationship with which Thistle bases most of hers on. Two brothers were her litter mates, Shadow Dancer and Red. Though she loved them both, like all sisters do she and them fought often and she learned she could be rough and tumble as well as sweet and kind. Her brothers spoke of adventure and left soon after their six month mark. Thistle was able to hold on a little longer not much after she turned a year old she started on her own journey and came to the Teekon woods and the Horizon Ridge pack. It reminded her so much of home that she stayed.

As she carved out her own niche her heat season came fast upon her and as was such and being young she did not know how to handle it and entered into a forbidden liason with a plateau wolf and one night of passion was all she received, but she would soon have evidence to last her lifetime as her womb grew large with babes. Soon after Ragnar Loðbrók found he did not wish her to be with anyone but him and thus she became his fourth wife.

As time progressed and she bore her two Sons and daughter Eirikr, Gunnar and Gyda. A landslide followed her pregnancy and then a bear killed their leader and Ragnar stepped into the mantle of Alpha and Jarl and they moved their family to the Stavanger Bay. There she realized quickly that her husband was in love with his priestess and against her own givings and with severe jealousy, but for want to not lose him she chose to enter into a polygamy relationship with Ragnar and Nerian.

Nerian left and it was Ragnar and Thistle again. They lived semi peacefully, and she bore three more sons and a daughter to RAgnar this time, only to lose Ragnar in a few weeks time.
Pack History
Ragnar- Mate (deceased)
Shadow- Maternal Grandfather (voodoo shaman)
Dawn- Maternal grandmother(motherly)
Breeze-Paternal grandmother(Alpha's advisor/silverlight)
Pierce-Paternal grandfather(head fighter/silverlight)
Red-Head Tracker Ghost's mentor
Isabell-(Paternal Aunt)
Blood- (Paternal Uncle)
Thorn-(Paternal Uncle)
Gyda- (daughter)
Horizon ridge-nu February 2014-March 20, 2014
Horizon Ridge-Iota March 20,2014-April 12, 2014
Horizon Ridge-Zeta April 12, 2014-?
Alpha Female August 13-2014-present
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