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Full Name: Noelani Flora Aloha
Subspecies: Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (March 17th, 2016)
Birthplace: Maui (The pack)
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Mist of the heavens | noe: mist | lani: heaven, sky, royal, majesty | Honey from Heaven

Lani is a white plumeria flower.

Her beauty mimics that of a sun bathed island.

A vanilla base with cream outlines trailing along her ears, eyes, and forehead. Maintaining an alluring, toned, svelte build with long legs. Beautiful honey pot eyes; easy to get lost in. She wears a silky, full coat that’s always well kept. Everything is perfectly portioned to create a tropical beauty. She walks with a ballerina like grace, frequently climbing or galloping in even, wide strides. It’s often mistaken with her slender feminine build and elegant aesthetic that she is dainty - but that is far from the truth. Her body was made for the islands, perfectly built to meander through jagged rocks, climb up mountains, and run through sand-covered beaches.

Voice –
A sweet, thick voice like honey pouring out of her mouth with every word spoken.

Scent –
The sweet, exotic, enticing scent of plumeria and a tropical sea breeze



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