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Full Name: Sprig
Subspecies: Mixed Border Collie
Sex: Male
Age: (April 7, 2016)
Birthplace: Canadian Prairie
At A Glance
[Image: Border-Collie-Gif-Image-border-collie-40...25-231.gif]
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Profile of Sprig: Details
Sprig is large for his breed, standing around 24 inches. He has the common patterns of black on white, his feet and chest white. As the white narrows, it goes up between his eyes. His fur is thin, although slightly thicker than his sister's, making winter not the most pleasurable experience.

- Curious
- Energetic and Enthusiastic
- Observant
- Excellent Communicator
- Knows how to relax
- Very Popular and Friendly
-Difficulty focusing
- Not good at follow through
- Over thinks
- Shows emotions easily
- Independent to a fault
- Over exaggerates
- Will brag some
Sprig was born on the Canadian prairie with 4 other mixed pups. Inheriting his mother's tendency to exaggerate, he is not sure where his curiousity and drive to explore comes from. A feral sled-dog as a father, his fur is thicker than his mother's. He grew alongside his siblings, hunting the vermin around the quiet place. Herding was a large part of his life until he was sold to a family with 2 children and a couple. They were nice, and he enjoyed running with the young children and watching over them as they herded sheep together. It only lasted a short while, the family having to move to the city for medical reasons. They gave him to an older man who was all alone and visited frequently. Yet there was no work to be done, and Sprig grew restless and started out on his own.
Father: Unknown mutt
Mother: Dew
Siblings: Poppy, Leif, Marigold
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