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Basic Info
Full Name: Marigold (Aka Legs/Ari)
Subspecies: Border Collie
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 years (April 7, 2016)
Birthplace: Canadian Prarie
At A Glance
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Legs is a sleek border collie female with a chocolate and white coat. She is nearly an exact copy of her sister. The girl has heterochromia iridum, or bicolor eyes, one being a piercing blue and her other eye sporting a glass(silver/white) color. She has a typical border collie body, agile and strong. However, she has legs that are quite above average when it comes to both power and length, hence her nickname.

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[Image: F9zCoC8.jpg]
Marigold was birthed beside her littermates to a roguish sled dog and a purebred border collie mother on a ranch. She spent her younger days playing with and pranking her twin, poppy, and the rest of her siblings. Ari was incredibly close to her littermates, and her youth was filled with much glee, but she despised her mother, who tried to 'tame' her. The wild in the girl was too real, though. She was sold to a rancher, separated from her twin, and suffered in captivity for about 3 months. After that, the girl took off in the night. She left her captive life and immersed herself in the wild, soon arriving in the Teekon Wilderness.
Pack History
Father: Unknown Feral Male
Mother: Dew
Siblings:Poppy, Sprig, Leaf

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