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Full Name: absalom
Subspecies: plains wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 years (04/12/12)
Birthplace: oxblood plains
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sulfurous eyes. ratchetfaced and birdboned. a sparse coat comprised of grizzled agouti is his most conventional feature -- and even that is a disgusting, ratty canvas of gore and putrefaction from the infection coursing his body deriving from a shortened tether of chain is tightly embedded into his neck. it's length swings like a gaul's torc on his chest.
affectless, apathetic, and demonstrative of an elaborate internal fantasy world. hyper-fixates on individuals of particular traits, and becomes so distracted by them he scarcely registers any other stimuli.
02/07/17. enters the teekon wilderness in a southbound direction. he is haggard and thin. infection from a chain collar embedded in his neck has started affecting his cognitive faculties.
02/08/17. absalom encounters a young, broken-bodied female named indra in a bog. he coerces kindness from her and a fantasy of intimacy buds in his mind. he finds himself becoming obsessed with the idea of her. she runs away, and he stalks after her.
[Image: tumblr_inline_mfyt7sABfW1roozkr.gif] indra––current hyper-fixation
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