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Basic Info
Full Name: Kallik
Subspecies: Eurasian Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (Feb. 7th, 2016)
Birthplace: Unknown, beyond the Wilds
At A Glance
Aside from colors, at first glance, others would notice that she's always wary, watching her surroundings with a careful eye. Unsociable, she shies away from groups. She's hardy and well-built for fighting. Her eyes show a lack of trust, and secrets held close.
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Profile of Kallik: Details
A Eurasian wolf, Kallik is a mix of earthen tones, a brilliant shock of russet-red, a creamy undertone, and ticked with black. Her eyes are a striking emerald green. Her build is muscular, and perhaps a bit broad.
Stoic, impatient, wary, sarcastic, cheeky, somewhat aggressive and dominant.
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