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Full Name: Tynee
Subspecies: Grizzly Bear (ursus arctos)
Sex: Female
Age: 6 years old (January 13, 2012)
Birthplace: North of Teekon
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As if she had stood in water up to her belly, all four legs are almost black. Her back is chocolate brown, and a lighter band of brown encircles her neck. A mask of mud brown is on her face except her snout, which looks faded. Her eyes are a continuation of brown, an average bear, it would seem. She stands 3 foot at the shoulder, 6 foot 4 inches in length, and her mass is 420 pounds.
Born along with two other cubs, she was the smallest, hence the name, although she made up for it in attitude. Blunt to a fault, she will say what's on her mind to anyone who will listen. Her curiousity is minimal, but her timing for awkwardness reigns supreme.
Born in a high cave on the north cliff, she was the last one born on an unlucky day. Twins before her, the brothers tried to starve the sister, needing more milk than her. She managed to survive despite a scar she carries to this day on her stomach by her oldest brother. Growing up beside them, she never could overpower them in strength, but she never failed to outsmart them. Once old enough to leave, the brothers pushed her out of the territory. Roaming for a bit, she wound up stumbling into the Teekon.
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