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Full Name: Violet Likoto
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (March 2, 2017)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
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Violet is a dark-coated mesomorph female, a creature of stamina and strength. She has a pelt of true midnight black, uninterrupted by any marking or spot. The girl has a lean, muscular body with a small mane of fur along her neck. Her eyes stand out a brilliant violet color, hence her name, that can dazzle any passerby.
Violet is a cunning young woman with wits much like those of her father. Though outwardly she may seem cold or unloving, the girl has an inwardly kind heart, much like that of her mother. Violet is protective of her two sisters, Lisa and March, especially March. She treats Lisa more like a sister than March, who she can be slightly maternal towards sometimes. As the firstborn of the litter, Violet fancies herself the leader of their trio, and she lives up to it too. The she-wolf can charm anyone into following her. Between a gleaming smile and wit sharper than a cougar's claws, this young woman is ready to tackle the world head-on.
Violet grew up under her mother's guidance alongside her two sisters, March and Lisa. Her mother took the vast majority of responsibility into her paws when it came to raising the pups, but Violet secretly looked up to her father and his wit. When her mother passed on earlier this year, the siblings began their departure to the Teekon Wilderness.
Father: Trick/Wylie Likoto
Mother: Sunday Drops *Deceased*
Siblings: March Likoto, Lisa Likoto
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