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Full Name: Sankori Nethilor
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (March, 7th 2015)
Birthplace: Outside of teekon
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A white fur coat with various hues of brown and cream. She has amber eyes. She is a decent sized female. (WIP)
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Born to the wolves Ravaryn and Alynthi alongside her sister Alluin during a snowstorm that destroyed her homeland. Many lives were lost and they were forced to set out and rebuild their kingdom that had befell. This time it was stronger than ever before. She was trained in many skills, taught to her by her mother, a lovely woman who taught her of love and to respect nature for what it gave them. She was also taught by her father who trained her to fight for honor and for her people.

But as time went by and as she grew older, the young princess began to grow restless as she felt as though there was something more than this life she lived. That's when the wanderlust began to set in, which eventually led her to Teekon.
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