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Basic Info
Full Name: Tzila Arlli
Subspecies: 50% Timber, 50% Vancouver Island Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (August 16th, 2017)
Birthplace: Stryker Pass
At A Glance
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Tzila is a simple beauty, composed of pitch black fur almost entirely. The exception would be the scarlet accent staining the nape of her neck and shoulders as if washed in blood. Her eyes are a polished silver color, displaying a wide array of emotions from flirtiness to cold savagery. Teetering towards the larger size for a female, her build is willowy - a fine blend of athleticism and feminine curves. She stands 32 inches at the shoulder and weighs in at 120 lbs.

Reference credited to HikariSilverEye@DeviantArt
-Conniving- -Dominant- -Flirtatious- -Unpredictable- -Ambitious- -Ruthless- -Semi-Nocturnal-
*Tzila's personality is subject to change via course of IC events.*
A hardened survivalist, Tzila looks out for herself first and others second. Willing to go to any lengths to get what she wants, she affords no shame in soiling her own paws, if that's what it takes. Highly tenacious, she does not know of giving in to defeat. Instead she adapts, learns from her mistakes and will even go as far as to re-adjust her angle of thinking, should she deem it necessary. Due to events occurred in her past, Tzila constantly is seeking to better herself, yet she will never be quite satisfied with her progress, believing there is yet more she may attain.

Tzila is unafraid to openly flirt, with plenty of sass to boot, be it either with those she may want something from, or finds amicable on some level. Her respect is not given out freely - only to those she deems a kindred spirit. But once attained, despite her toxic nature, she returns it in full. However, shatter her trust and she will not hesitate to cut you down, without mercy. Brewing within her is deep, primal fury, of which she may unleash at any given moment. She carries herself with an unmistakable air of malevolence, though she is a capable actress when need be. Ever watchful and attuned to her atmosphere, she feels most at home in the shadows, or in the dark hours of the night. She considers herself the uncontested Shadow Queen, hence her name.
Pack History
Mother: Diyls
Father: Linus
Brother: Urias
Mate: None
Lover: N/A
Offspring: ??
Stryker Pass (8/16/2017 to 6/23/2018)
Lone Wolf ( 6/23/2108 to 3/10/2019)
Elysium (3/10/2019 to 9/8/2019)
Lone Wolf (9/8/2019) to (9/11/2019)
Nightwalkers (9/11/2019) to (3/16/2020) - Major
Lone Wolf (3/16/2020) - (4/27/2020)
Yuèlóng (4/27/2020) to Present
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Tzila is a 3 3 3 rated character. Her threads may contain sensitive material or other graphic themes. If any of these make you uncomfortable, let me know!
*Tzila's thoughts and actions are not an accurate reflection of my own.*
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