Profile of Wallflower: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Wallflower
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (14th of February 2016)
Birthplace: White Jasmine Hill
At A Glance
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Health=45% (4.5/10)
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Profile of Wallflower: Details
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Wallflower is a delicate blend of blonde and silver, the latter starting from her toes and going up to meet the upper color midway. On her back, she carries a soft ash saddle and the same color tops the base of her tail slightly. The bridge of her nose is painted with a stripe of warm chocolate and the tips of her ears are a bit more reddish. In contrast to all these warm colors, her eyes are a vibrant and lively sky blue.

She's doll-like in appearance and movement, though her history of battle has left some scars, hidden by her thick fur.
Quiet · Focused · Unquestioning · Devoted · Timid · Emotionless

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White Jasmine Hill was a pack conquered by Falling Grace moons before Wallflower was born. To reach the peace the wounded members of White Jasmine Hill so desperately needed, they made a deal to train all their future offspring to fight in the war for Falling Grace. Wallflower was one of those children, taken from her parents and siblings to pursue a life of following orders and battling opponents. True emotion was never taught to her, the lives of the ones she would take in the future meaningless. She became a tool at a young age and showed a lot of promise.
She was sent to Falling Grace and assigned to one of the higher ups, William Blair, who commanded unit 2 of their forces. Together they went into countless battles, and Wallflower grew attached to him. William returned her feelings, but in the battle that would win the war for Falling Grace, William was lost to a forest fire started by a nearby storm. Wallflower managed to escape in poor condition, but the words of her owner would continue to haunt her dreams; "I love you.".
Like a fearless soldier did Wallflower enter the Teekon, bruised, cut, chomped upon and burned. Her journey had taken her longer than she had planned, and a shower had not been on her mind. Exhausted, she reached the borders of Ravensblood Forest where she met a male named Screech. She collapsed there, having told only a little of her story and realizing these lands knew nothing about the war she had fought in.
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Pack History
Male 1 ♂ & Female 1

Unknown sibling ♀, Unknown sibling ♂, Unknown sibling

William Blair


White Jasmine Hill
Infant, ↑ Rookie, ↑ Warrior, ↑ Tool

Falling Grace
Tool, ↑ Front liner, ↓ Wounded runaway


Ravensblood Forest

Profile of Wallflower: Additional Information
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