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Full Name: Caw
Subspecies: Hudson Bay wolf x Mackenzie River wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (September 2016)
Birthplace: Nahanni National Park Reserve
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Caw is a fairly large wolf with monochrome fur. His entire body is swathed in different shades of blacks, greys, and whites; his face and the nape of his neck are almost entirely black and his underside is largely white.

The thick fur on the back of his neck is threaded with jet-black feathers placed there by the red-eyed crow that follows him. His most defining feature are the striking red eyes that stand out starkly against his coat.
apathetic | possessive | unpredictable | curious | predatory
chaotic evil | slytherin

+ caw is both a sadist and a masochist, and enjoys causing and receiving pain which is why he will often pick fights for no reason and never seems to take them particularly seriously -- he likes and attempts to get himself beaten up, as it's one of the only ways he can feel things
+ he doesn't really feel much emotion on his own, though he wants to, and is driven to seek out that emotion by doing terrible things
+ as a result of this he's overbearingly calm no matter what he's doing
+ he's also intensely cheerful and something approaching casually friendly irrespective of the situation -- these things in combination lead to him coming off most often as incredibly unnerving
+ very eager and curious about anything new
+ caw has no particular method to what he does even in his own mind and is thus completely unpredictable
+ tends to copycat behaviors of those he respects or trusts in some way
+ generally overly sexual, both towards males and females though his behavior is often more aggressive towards the latter {for purposes of not being Creepy caw only shows this when agreed upon / flirted at first}
+ does not generally feel love but is incredibly possessive over those he considers 'his' in a distinctly unhealthy manner
+ refuses to submit to others and is aggressively dominant
+ considers death positive, has no fear of it and expects others to accept it as well. as such he doesn't hesitate when given an opportunity to kill and fights rather recklessly
+ often partially consumes the bodies of those dead he considers 'worthy' -- a big insult from caw is to be killed by him and not eaten
+ caw holds a great deal of respect for crows and is always accompanied by one, avis. he will never injure a crow and if he sees anyone else harm one he will immediately attack
+ he will attack and try to kill ravens on sight
+ unforgiving towards everyone. while he won't actively attack those of his blood in particular he expects strength and will not tolerate weakness from relatives
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caw is fluent in latin which is also his first language; being from a family that spoke only latin his english is fairly broken but will improve with time
as long as you don't kill/seriously injure caw feel free to do whatever
if you want to fight/spar caw let me know, he's always ready to get beaten up
credit to tokbutt @ dA for personality
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