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Full Name: tiercel aka baby spice \ tier·cel \ ˈtir-səl \
Ekenames: tie, junebug
Aliases: anastasie, tas, anya, i
Subspecies: OYM A WOT
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 years (06/01/18)
Birthplace: swiftcurrent creek
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i could be wrong, on a number of things

but I’ve seen stockholm & I’m enamored with it
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        bird bones hide under a morass of black pelage, a cape of umber cloaking her withers and backside. the fur of her narrow face is close-cropped, framed by full muttonchops and an inkwash'd lucullan ruff. she is furthermore possessed of a gilded stare, wrought brilliantly interstellar by an aurous color that whorls and eddies like living, breathing nebulæ.
[Image: vlJosaN.gif]
ᴛ ʜ ᴇ          ʟ ɪ ᴠ ɪ ɴ ɢ          ᴅ ᴇ ᴀ ᴛ ʜ          ᴏ ғ          ᴛ ʜ ᴇ         

complex. extremely intelligent. a synthetic code of emotional rot spread to the size of a texas summer. she mostly legislates her moral landscape with retributive impulse, and boredom is a powerful motivator when it comes to her code of conduct and sense of ethicality around others; there is an internal struggle against that darker side of herself.

told that she is incapable of love, only able to "mimic" it or demonstrate it through deceit to get her way has bastardised anything resembling she might feel contrarily. the very credenda that there is good and love in the world has never been complete in her mind, but her belief in it has been scissioned from her mind due to certain events throughout her upbringing. there is a critical failure within her to see or value the needs and feelings of others and she isn't fully able to handle criticism and lashes out if she feels slighted in any way. while other children were building sand castles, she built revenge.


her eyes as stars of twilight fair;
cratered to earth like a dysfunctional ufo; proceeds through life like an alien who has suffered from a traumatic brain injury. born in swiftcurrent creek, in the teekon wilds, where she and her mother went it alone for several months before wylla took her child to keokuk glade, where her granddam staked a claim. she and her mother struggled to maintain a healthy relationship with constant friction. their calmness with one another were mere brackets around these nuclear dissensions. lusca, tiercel's granddam, had a daughter, singra, who tiercel found a confidant and friend in and the fits of temper between mother and daughter lessened to static. tbc
like twilight's, too, her dusky hair;
her maternal grandparents are lusca and tachyon through their union, her mother wylla was born, alongside her uncles ingram and lycaon (the latter of which is a family secret kept from her). singra is lusca's second daughter, tiercel's aunt and best friend. lusca's last litter was born the first of may, making tie a niece of five more.

she doesn't know much about her father, from whom her patronymic came, the wanderlusting corsair raptor. tiercel eavesdropped on her mother's intimate confession to lusca that tiercel was the product of rape. the knowledge, true or not, engendered a smoldering hatred for her father, and a crescive self-loathing within herself.

via lycaon she has one cousin, svalinn, unknown to her. through ingram, she has a second, praimfaya, unknown to her.

tiercel shares a mother with phaedra and thade, sired by the long-forgotten man mahler.

on april the twenty-eighth, whilst wandering alone and unaware of her state of estrus, tiercel was groomed and violated by an older man, resulting in the conception of his spurious offspring. she rejects the dishonoring of her consent by not processing the event and is presently oblivious to her pregnancy.
she was a phantom of delight ...
SWIFTCURRENT CREEK –– birth to 8/27/18
KEOKUK GLADE –– 8/18 to 7/19
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