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Full Name: tiercel \ tier·cel \ ˈtir-səl \
Ekenames: tier, junebug, duckling (wouldnt remember), village idiot
Subspecies: OYM A WOT
Sex: Female
Age: 7 months (06/01/18)
Birthplace: swiftcurrent creek
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bae watch
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slim of stature, washed gunsmoke black swirled with traces of her grandam's grizzled coat. upon her breast is a culrass of alabaster, just an indistinct smudge in her puppyhood that has since taken a more-or-less defined shape of a ghost as she's matured. her eyes have lost their blue puppy hue and are now reminiscent of a jack-o-lantern's glim.
"the fuck was bad. he was like a storm in a chicken. there was a controversy everywhere, at all times" --shakespeare
pup life, scruffed tight, can't even get my legs to work right
punch in the clock at bright n early, i'm up with da birdies
gotta make a milk run to sate my uncontrollable appetite
and by run i mean walk fast 
and by walk fast i mean shuffle on my butt fast
if evolution designed this then i wanna refund
no i don't have my receipt, just this machine gun

yikes my shit wack, got seasonal affective cranial depression
blame my mom she dropped me within like two seconds
Pack History
maternal grandparentslusca, tachyon
nunksingram*, lycaon*
auntie –– singra

*unknown to her
SWIFTCURRENT CREEK –– birth to 8/27/18
KEOKUK GLADE –– 8/18 to present
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