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Full Name: tiercel \ tier·cel \ ˈtir-səl \
Ekenames: tier, junebug, duckling
Subspecies: OYM A WOT
Sex: Female
Age: 0 years (06/01/18)
Birthplace: swiftcurrent creek
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puppy desc: washed gunsmoke black, with traces of her grand-dam's overlaying grizzled cast. on her breast is a culrass of alabaster, just an indistinct smudge in her puppyhood that will take a more defined shape of a "ghost" as she matures. her eyes have almost entirely phased out of their puppy-blue and are mid-transition to a hue reminiscent of a jack-o-lantern's glim.
"the fuck was bad. he was like a storm in a chicken. there was a controversy everywhere, at all times" --shakespeare
pup life, scruffed tight, can't even get my legs to work right
punch in the clock at bright n early, i'm up with da birdies
gotta make a milk run to sate my uncontrollable appetite
and by run i mean walk fast 
and by walk fast i mean shuffle on my butt fast
if evolution designed this then i wanna refund
no i don't have my receipt, just this machine gun

yikes my shit wack, got seasonal affective cranial depression
blame my mom she dropped me within like two seconds
maternal grandparentslusca, tachyon [Image: fxt475.png]
nunksingram [Image: fxt475.png], lycaon
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