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Basic Info
Full Name: Arcturus Ostrega
Subspecies: Wolf (Eastern Timber & Mixed)
Sex: Male
Age: 0.9 (3/31/18)
Birthplace: Moonspear
At A Glance
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Profile of Arcturus: Details
by king<3

" a bullet is a man.
from time to time, he strays. "

a capable yearling blooming with coltish vigor. he has reached his full height, but much of him remains to be filled out. in the lurking blackwater of his soft pelt there is a promise that he will fill an impressive figure at full maturity; some blackened depth untapped, lurking in his hollow bones.

he moves in the manner of a hunter; prowling with a step that rivals a primordial jungle-cat's slink. despite the warmth that seems to sit in his sunflower gaze, arcturus can strike observers as watchful and measured -- most of his movements seem carefully restrained and well-considered.

underneath the adolescent rippling of his pelt, a sleeping quality persists; suggesting a hidden talent in him yet untapped. if he is aware of this blighted side of him, arcturus hides it well by restrained gestures, and a tongue that rarely labors to speak.

Pack History
His parents, Charon and Amekaze.
His 2016 siblings, Hydra, Alya, Lyra, and Korei Julia.
His 2016 paternal half-siblings, Kotake, Keoni, Koume, and Nikai.
His 2017 siblings, Jarilo, Vela, Galaxy, and Ran.
His littermates, Yami, Yama, & Uyo Revui.
Profile of Arcturus: Additional Information
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it would only take a few seconds of darkness
to figure out what's in store.
Player Information: Lauren
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hi, i'm lauren. i like cats, coffee, and donuts, possibly in that exact order. i love reading, i tolerate writing, and i live for riding/eventing.

i am an animal person, but i belong to two cats - happycat and franklin. i also have a horse. he's a goofy thoroughbred, who probably would also sell his soul for donuts.

besides wolf, my hobbies include drawing (which i will totally do for money), eventing, ice hockey, and being sarcasmic all the time.

feel free to drop me a line any time you want to plot or thread; alternatively, just tag me and i promise i will make a grand appearance!

♛ i'm relaxed when it comes to arcturus' posting policies, and never mind people coming to me with questions if they're not sure. arcturus is meant to be a fun-boi, and my policies reflect that.

♛ arcturus is always open for plots, or threads. if you're feelin' creative, throw a thread up, tag me, and i promise you'll get a response!

♛ arcticuno (hehe) can be powerplayed by any moonspear member - just plz promise not to kill him because i kind of like him. he can and will (provided the thread is AW) occasionally cameo in sibling posts, especially revui - if his presence complicates things just shoot me a PM and i'll completely understand. if you choose to PP arcturus Doin' Things, just tag me so i know it happened!

♛ arcturus is no consent with all other thread participants. this means you can decide the damage your character inflicts, short of death or mortal injury.

♛ in group threads, you can skip me if it has been my turn for more than 3 days. actually, you can skip me any time if arcturus doesn't have major involvement.

revui is encouraged to be involved in any AW threads that arcturus is the author of - i hope that is okay! however, if a thread is private, it is private and i will respect that. if i see a private thread i'd like to join, i will ask first.

♛ arcturus can be stupid. plz feel free to take advantage of that!