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Basic Info
Full Name: Arcturus Ostrega
Subspecies: Wolf (Eastern Timber & Mixed)
Size: Large
Weight: 120lb
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (3/31/18)
Birthplace: Moonspear
At A Glance
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Profile of Arcturus: Details

" a bullet is a man.
from time to time, he strays. "

Shades of midnight over a robust, tall figure. Arcturus is every bit the epitome of a wolf carved by the mountain: hard gaze, hard muscle, hard presence. In Arcturus exists a warring dualism: his sense of pragmatism and duty conflicts with his sense of self and ability to connect with his emotions. As a result, Arcturus can come across as stormy and cold at once. He sports a pair of yellow eyes which have lost their sunny lustre; their light replaced now with a world-weariness that makes his features come across as weathered and haggard.

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Thread titles from "Revelator" by Gillian Welch.

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when you come down to take me home
send my soul away
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