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Basic Info
Full Name: Arcturus Ostrega
Subspecies: Wolf (Eastern Timber & Mixed)
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (3/31/18)
Birthplace: Moonspear
At A Glance
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by JB

" a bullet is a man.
from time to time, he strays. "

a reserved and rather remote predator, arcturus might strike strangers as being detached from his surroundings. this is quite the opposite: arcturus is immersed in the small details and nuances, preferring to observe rather than participate. arcturus takes pride in his appearance, boasting a velvet-black coat that is kept clean at all times. even at rest, arcturus' posture is well-maintained -- he stands as a wolf in full command of his height, and has the bearing of a foot-soldier awaiting orders. he is a family man, doting on both his parents and his blood. raised in the clutch of moonspear, arcturus is lean and well-muscled, showing an adolescent musculature that brims with coltish vigor.

Pack History
His parents, Charon and Amekaze.
His 2016 siblings, Hydra, Alya, Lyra, and Korei Julia.
His 2016 paternal half-siblings, Kotake, Keoni, Koume, and Nikai.
His 2017 siblings, Jarilo, Vela, Galaxy, and Ran.
His littermates, Yami, Yama, & Uyo Revui.
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hi, i'm lauren. i feel like i'm writing out an advert on a dating site but here goes!! my deets: 29, INTJ, scorpio. i like cats, coffee, and donuts, possibly in that exact order. if you like any of these things, we will definitely get along.

i am an animal person and i've somehow amassed a horde of trust-fund kitties. they are happycat, franklin and the newest, definitely possessed addition blossom (or lil' hellion when she's climbing up my leg at 4 AM). i'm also owned by a horse named holden. no affiliation with the holden caulfield variant. he's much more a buster bluth.

besides wolf, my hobbies include eventing, ice hockey, and being sarcasmic all the time.

feel free to drop me a line any time you want to plot or thread; i like surprise threads, so just drop a tag if you want to thread!

♛ i'm relaxed when it comes to arcturus' posting policies, and don't mind people coming to me with questions if they're not sure. arcturus is meant to be a fun-boi, and my policies reflect that.

♛ arcturus is always open for plots, or threads. if you're feeling creative, throw a thread up, tag me, and i promise you'll get a response!

♛ arcticuno (hehe) can be powerplayed by any moonspear member - just plz promise not to kill him because i kind of like him. he can and will (provided the thread is AW) occasionally cameo in sibling posts - if his presence complicates things just shoot me a PM and i'll completely understand. if you choose to PP arcturus Doin' Things, just tag me so i know it happened!

♛ arcturus is no consent with all other thread participants. this means you can decide the damage your character inflicts, short of death or mortal injury.

♛ in group threads, you can skip me if it has been my turn for more than 3 days. actually, you can skip me any time if arcturus doesn't have major involvement.

revui is encouraged to be involved in any AW threads that arcturus is the author of - i hope that is okay! however, if a thread is private, it is private and i will respect that. if i see a private thread i'd like to join, i will ask first.