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Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Uyo Revui Rikudou-Ostrega
Subspecies: Mixed
½ Eastern Timber Wolf
¼ Mackenzie Valley Wolf
¼ Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf

Sex: Male
Age: 1.41 (3/31/18)
Birthplace: Moonspear
At A Glance
[Image: kqhDWV0.png]

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        stand alone and greet the coming night
                in the last remaining light.        

A gargoyle with a toothy grin; he is larger than his siblings and destined to retain that immense size in to adulthood. His coat is like layered shades of graphite, with darker gray agouti barring and flecks of silver arrayed throughout - very much a doppelganger of his uncle, Levi.

Notable wounds include: a small gouge across his snout from his brother Arcturus; one of his teeth was knocked out by Dirge; he fought with a Blackfeather wolf and has some deep lacerations to his chest, shoulder, and snout that have toughened in to scars; he attacked a rogue and earned some bites and tears to his right forelimb and wrist as a result, and while they have since healed the resulting scars are easily missed. After accosting a girl he saw as a threat, Revui earned some cuts beneath his left eye, and the scars are entirely superficial.
Pack History
Charon Ostrega
Mekkyaku Amekaze Rikudou
*Extended relations can be found through parents profiles.

Arcturus, Yami, Yama. (2018)
Vela, Jarilo, Galaxy, Ran (2017)
Korei, Alya, Lyra, Hydra (2016)
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