Profile of Nunataq: Quick Facts
Art by amazing Lauren! Bloody awesome avatar by Cactus!
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Basic Info
Full Name: Nunataq "Nuna" Apaata
Subspecies: ⅛ Arctic, ¼ Northern Rocky Mountains, ¼ Coastal, ⅜ Eastern Timber
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year old (April 1st, 2018)
Birthplace: Bearclaw Valley, Teekon Wilds
At a Glance
[Image: V7uaKaW.png]
Profile of Nunataq: Details
A near-replica of her mother in build, adorned with a dark mask which sets the stage for her striking silver eyes. Her pelt is accentuated with russet and sandstone, and will grow long and wispy with feathering down her legs. Upon reaching adulthood, she will look something like this.

Adult measurements — H: 27” | L: 51” | W: 105 lbs.

Nunataq is unable to comprehend and formulate language, however, she is good at picking up body language and intonations. Her communication with other people is mainly conveyed by the last two and occasional growl and barks.
Jalapeño - innocent looking, but a firey pepper of doom inside.

Nunataq was born in Bearclaw valley alongside two siblings - Marten and Yakone. Her parents Reigi and Xan split early in her childhood, with her mother leaving her and her brother behind and father being emotionally distant to the remaining two children.

Indra took the role of the parent, mentor and friend to Nuna and through many ups and downs she still and will always remain the only person Nunataq, who on the whole is neither empathic nor emotional, loves her dearly in her own particular way.

Nunataq was never very close with her half-siblings or her brother and, once in the adulthood, she has forgotten all about them. Among few friends she has made along the way stands Arlette and Breccan. For a long time Merrick - son of Indra - was her friend and confidante too, however, they paths took separate ways, when she could not understand or indulge in the odd and dark ways Merrick had indulged into.

She has lived in Bearclaw valley all her life, with a brief exception, which lasted a few months at a neighbouring pack Lost Creek Hollow. She returned to her home, however, soon after she turned one year old and remained there all summer long.

Around that time she met two lone wolves, who shared her quirk of muteness and inability to use or understand a spoken word. She made friends with them eventually and finally feeling that she has found a place and people, among whom she truly belongs, the mute girl left Teekon Wilds behind to explore the world.

It may be assumed that she got her happy ending, though there may be a day in far off future, where Nunataq will return to take her mother Indra with her away from the troubles and weariness of the everyday world.

Pepper references in Nunataq's posts:

Nunataq has no idea, what peppers are, but her author does. And, what started as an inside joke between players, has become now an amusing quirk to rank Nunataq's friends and acquaintances after Scoville scale ( Everyone starts at the sweetest and works their way up to the hottest depending on their level of awesomeness, which is deemed by Nunataq herself.

Pepper gang so far:

Rannoch - Pepperoncini
Breccan - Cubanelle
Parents: Alexander Apaata ♂ x Annasiak Apaata
Littermates: Yakone Apaata ♀, Marten Apaata
Siblings: Lucas Redleaf ♂, Piper Redleaf ♀, Wyatt Redleaf(via Xan x Laurel Redleaf)
Pack History
Bearclaw ValleyApril 1st, 2018 – November 2018
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