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Basic Info
Full Name: Hyacinth Gosling
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years (May 2015)
Birthplace: Out of game
At A Glance
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Profile of Hyacinth: Details
*Stark white fur

*Dustings of mettalic silver

*Hyacinth blue eyes

*Thick downy fur

*Black lidded eyes that pop

*Sweet smile with pearly teeth

*curvy and feminine figure

*little muscle mass

*feathery cheeks and floofy tail.
A true southern Belle, Hyacinth is all sweetness and sugar with true charm and elegance.

her manners are impeccable and she is polite to all she meets, often greeting a stranger as Sir or Ma'am based on gender.

She is truly kind and sweet as pie with the habit of flirting without truly meaning to. She is selfless and goes out of her way for others but when someone does things for her she is always genuinely surprised and grateful, even by the smallest act which is what adds to her charm.

She is a helpless fighter and a bit of a clutz, often frustrated by her own inability to protect herself. Her anger and self doubt are usually kept private and to herself, rarely will she show a angry demeanor.

Profile of Hyacinth: Additional Information
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medic specialty: 4/10
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