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Full Name: Temoria Blush Amor
Subspecies: 25% Arctic x 15% Eastern Timber x 25% Coyote x 35% Dog (Husky, Finnish Spitz, Samoyed)
Sex: Female
Age: (October 2016)
Birthplace: Starlight Cove
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CURRENT CONDITION: Underweight, still recovering from minor injuries to her legs as well as her head.

→ Temoria is what most would call a runt, a small child with a body that seems to say in that awkward stage of life. Where her ears are too big and her legs seemed to never look no more than thin stilts to hold her up, she could almost be called the look of a coyote with a slender body as well as her thinner muzzle than most canine’s of her mixed status. Her toes are the smallest part of her, helping her move with easy despite missing the important appendage called a tail. She is a child that has never been taught that her looks are not to be marveled at, nothing about her is beautiful. She was taught beauty came in many packages, others taunted her letting her know that her packaging was not one of those

→ Though her skin is the palest of pinks, that around her nose, paws, eyes, and stomach it shows due thinner fur. It would have been a flawless complexion had it not been for the scars she has received over a year of neglect and abuse. Along the left side of her hip to her right hip are crisscross scarring, that shows she does not have but a boxer-like tail. Along her nose are two apparent marks. From the underside of her right side of her chest extending along her back and then to her neck on the same side are deep lacerations, startlingly apparent. The last scars are near her throat, though only visible if seen in high light. There is a group of laceration scars to show why she speaks so softly.

→ From there she had the hair of an angel, both soft and colorless. Her eyes are always the most shocking sight on her, other than her scars, taking on a vibrant and startling color of pink blush. Surrounded by long, colorless lashes. Her frame is frail, slender and never to hold much muscle. She is a girl that can easily be thrown around. The runt, the albino, the outcast
Keep in mind: Due to amnesia Temoria is prone to paranoia and rather harsh reactions (usually in submission) from smells or simular situations to her upbringing.

→ When she lived in a place some might call home, Temoria was always a defensive creature and with a very good reason. Even out in the world on her own she regains this action, where she will react with caution before approaching another person. Her first reaction is to act in a submissive way, to protect herself from any bodily harm or mental backlash. Her first impression is an accurate one, showing that she was an abused creature and knows nothing of how the world words. Or its cruelty.

→ Once that stage is bypassed, you will find she is a very touch oriented canine. Funny thinking about her background, she is affectionate and will act out of the kindness of her heart and soul. She opens up into a very sensitive, emotional, and gentle creature. Someone who is very kind and does not take 'payment' on anything she does. She seems like a girl with an unlimited supply of patience and kindness, a very loyal creature that gets attached too easily to pretty words and other human beings. Seeming to fall hard for those she likes, and her hopes are often lifted high even when the outcome will shatter her feelings. Temoria is a girl that puts her all in every task and every thing she does
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