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Full Name: Raleska Eyjolfur
Subspecies: Mixed (Coywolf)
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (April 1st, 2018)
Birthplace: Ankyra Sound
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Leggy mesomorph; favors sire-line in stature.

Coarse, seaworn coat.

Granite coloration, stippled by waves of andesite.

Unnerving yellow gaze.


HP (80/100)
[Image: Commission-Raleska_05-01-19.png]
Art Credit: Servaline
Profile of Raleska: Additional Information

Raleska has lived a tough life, thick with strife. Shortly after Raleska's whelping, her parents were driven from their home in Grimnismal by a bear attack. They were forced into exodus, and turned away from several packs including Easthollow. A flash flood storm separated their family, the floodwaters claiming the life of Kierkegaard. Separated from Ephraim, Illidan, and Rhakios, Raleska, Svalinn and her mother found brief respite in Redhawks. Caiaphas grew restless and attempted to challenge for alphaship, believing the Redhawks soft. This action sparked dissent among the Redhawks, and their family was once more outcast to the wilds.

They wandered as itinerants, eventually settling back in Ankyra. Illidan reunited with the family, bringing it to a tentative grouping. Rosalyn and Erzulie joined the small group, and Rusalka was formed. Great hardships early on and pressure from a neighboring hostile pack, caused tension among Rusalkans. Rosalyn was kidnapped, and several other members attacked. After a midnight raid attempting to rescue Rosalyn, Raleska witnessed her first murder: the butchering of Eurydice. Aggression from Drageda continued, but Rusalka persevered. Drageda eventually fragmented off -- but Rusalka's troubles were far from over.

On a crusade for vengeance, Caiaphas departed with an ex-Dragedan to exact revenge on Easthollow. While she was gone, the Dragedan left her at Easthollow's borders and returned to Rusalka. Illidan was overthrown, further destabilizing the pack. Raleska found herself gradually denouncing her blood relations, and becoming close with Rosalyn - a wolf she sees as her mentor. Several swaps in hierarchy later, Caiaphas returned -- and was denounced from the family for her unexplained absence and constant discord. Raleska has been consumed by her guilt for outcasting her mother ever since.

Parents: Kierkegaard and Caiaphas
Littermates: Rhakios, Ephraim and Illidan
Adopted Siblings: Wylla, Lycaon, Ingram and Svalinn

RUSALKA · 12/14/18 — present
REDHAWKS · 11/6/18 — 12/13/18
GRIMNISMAL · 04/01/18 — 5/24/18


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