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Full Name: Raleska
Subspecies: Coywolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (04/1/18)
Birthplace: Ankyra Sound
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A windborne and listless virago at full maturity, Raleska is more weed than wolf. Favoring both parents rather equally, she is slight, quick-footed, and sports a coarse, hackneyed coat with a naturally razorbacked spine. She is an elegant yet gamine predator, with fluted ears, ropy tail, and a proud, narrow muzzle.

Her fur is comprised of two contrasting colors, soot-black and grizzled grey. Her fiercely shaped muzzle is framed in cauldron-black that accents her ears, neck, and spine - while frayed andesite flecks along her cheeks, flanks and heart-girth.

Any aesthetic gravitas her serrated pelt commands is cut down immediately by the coarseness of her features, or destroyed by the unattractive scowl that constantly accompanies her surly countenance. A firebrand despite her monochromatic construction, Raleska holds the barracuda's stare - two tourmaline eyes baptized by fire.

4/1/18 -- Born to a crusty barnacle and a salty old triscuit.
Pack History
Caiaphas & Kierkegaard, her womb-slave & sperm donor respectively.
Big Bitey, Chief Hindrance, & Rotund Prince, her smelly littermates.
Miscreant Biscuit, surrogate sib who is prettier than her.
Grey Harpy, Emotional Time Bomb, & Daddy-Issues, her older siblings by adoption.

GRIMMERWOLF - (birth to 5/24/18)
LOST AND SAD WOLF - (5/24 to 6/26/18)
CONFUSED REDHAWK - (6/27/18 - present)
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