Profile of Goldy: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Goldy"fox" Mink
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (4th of August 2016)
Birthplace: Fox Thicket
At A Glance
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Profile of Goldy: Details
[Image: 6QIvtfL.jpg]
Blond base
Charcoal stripe markings on chest and shoulders
》Speckled charcoal "cape" further down his back
Cream underbelly and reddish legs
Reddish ears
Gray, russet and cream mask
Light pink eyes
》A lot of fur that makes him seem bulkier
》An abnormally large mane, giving him his lion-like appearance
》Tall and somewhat sturdy
→"mane of a lion, head of a regal"
[Image: ofYqmVl.jpg]
→"Every man turns gay when I come"
》Regal and honest
→"I most certainly am a prince, peasant"
》Appears full of himself, but insecure af
→"I am so stressed right now, please give me a break!"
[Image: qB4IyIr.jpg]
→Born a prince alongside his sister Tawny to mother Bossle and father Horsehoof
→Gets an ego as big as an elephant
→Others get sick of him
→He is tasked with finding a home elsewhere to perhaps continue their legacy
Pack History
**Family information**

Biological Parents:
Bossle Mink ♀ & Horsehoof Mink ♂

Biological Siblings:
Tawny Mink ♀
Fox Thicket
Profile of Goldy: Additional Information
[Image: km0sFmX.jpg]
"I'm sitting in the lap of luxury!"
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