Profile of Nynka: Quick Facts

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Wild Fauna

Basic Info
Full Name: Nynka
Subspecies: Weasel
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (4 April, 2017)
Birthplace: Outside the Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
While she's almost ceaselessly in motion, usually with her blink-and-you'll-miss-it greased lightning speed turned up full blast, if she stays still long enough you'll see a weedy little pipe-cleaner of a creature, bending her almost-perfectly-tubular body in all sorts of improbable ways.
The fur color varies seasonally, and currently is moving in uneven and inelegant swatches from white to brown, nosetip to tail, but her beady black eyes with their laserlike focus and black tailend tuft remain the same year-round.
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Profile of Nynka: Details
While formerly a sleek pure white with only beady glittering black eyes, black pointy nose, and a black tailtip to mar her snowy perfection, Nynka now has large motheaten brown blots stubbling her lanky length, splotching thicker the nearer her head you go. Her very sharp little teeth are still as gleamingly pristine a white as ever, however, as are her translucent little claws.
Nynka is pretty solidly convinced that wolves have got it all wrong.
She has some modicum of respect for some species besides her own, all rumors to the contrary, but she's quite certain that canines as a whole are doomed to mediocrity at best thanks to their own dumb choices like forming packs and trotting everywhere, or worst of all, howling.

It's pretty clear that anyone with half a brain properly chooses to be a weasel, really. ...But she does have an unreliable compassionate streak buried deep in there someplace, which rears its head at odd times and in unexpected circumstances.
Nynka struck out on her own last autumn and has decided that the Teekon Wilds look ripe for the picking... She murdered her way into a cozy little new living space and is getting herself situated quite comfortably, tyvm.
Her sleeping room has been lined with lovely fluffy pelts (though no wolf ones... yet. 3;P ) which tend to faintly cling to her scent, though not nearly so clearly as her own quite distinctive musky odor. But she doesn't seem at all ready yet to share this space willingly, or many other spaces for that matter.

Nynka has no relations or friends to speak of, and thus far has seen little use for either, really, beyond the first few weeks of life.
Profile of Nynka: Additional Information
Nynka has some very odd, nigh-Lamarckian notions about what makes creatures look and act the way they do (which naturally tends to reinforce her superiority complex). This is part of her whole problem with wolves; she's genuinely convinced that they chose to evolve into what they are—the wrong choice.

She's open to some ongoing threading with young, innocent, and impressionable pups in particular, who may be more easily swayed to her anarchist ways of thinking and doing, and may still be "saved" from themselves and their foolish wolfishness. *cue eyebrow waggle*
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