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Full Name: Kiwi
Subspecies: Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 0.5 (April 19, 2018)
Birthplace: Dragoncrest Cliffs
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"Kiwi will be born tiny and never catch up to her siblings. Like her namesake (and her mother), she's destined to be very petite, with pixie-like features. Her pelt will be a rich cocoa reminiscent of the mask on her sire's face, albeit several shades darker. Her eyes will transition from baby blue to a vibrant spring green color."

Feel free to pp me liberally!!! Tags are welcome for tracking <3

As she grows older, Kiwi will become somewhat of an insufferable know it all. She will be extremely interested in learning and improving herself, but rather judgmental. Her pride and perfectionism lend themselves towards jealousy and covetousness, and she does not handle rejection or insults well. Underneath it all, she does have a good heart; it just might take a bit to see it sometimes for those she is not close to.
Kiwi was born into Drageda to Wildfire and Thuringwethil, and since birth she's felt herself entitled to a whole lot more than what she's gotten. Bossy and upfront, she had a good natured but occasionally competitive relationship with her siblings, though that changed when Thuringwethil left. Upset at being left behind on what she saw as a training mission, she became embittered. This only worsened after Bat and Silkie both disappeared without a single word, leaving her and Tux to look after a distraught Wildfire.

Angry at what she saw as a series of betrayals, even after Silkie's return, she jumped at the chance to go with when Wildfire said she was leaving. Drageda was her home, and she loved her family there, but with Nomi gone she wasn't able to lose Wildfire as well, and a part of her rebelled at the idea that she should obey and stay put. So she departed, joining her mother in traveling to stay with the Redhawks and taking her best friend Sequoia along. They remained there until Wildfire proposed a new pack, one that Kiwi was thrilled to help create and eventually, hopefully, lead.
Parents: Wildfire (x Etoille) & Thuringwhethil

Siblings: Artaax, Blixen, Robin
*Rorqual, *Tux, *Silkie

* - littermates
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Unless otherwise specified, Kiwi speaks primarily Trigedasleng among pack and family.
When distinction is needed, bold italics will be used.
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