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Full Name: Kiwi
Subspecies: Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (April 19, 2018)
Birthplace: Dragoncrest Cliffs
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Kiwi is noticeably small and has delicate features that belie her huge personality. Her coat is dark brown and her eyes are a striking green.

(wilthking <3)
Kiwi is essentially the personification of pride. While she is (somewhat, now) interested in learning and improving herself, she is rather judgmental and harsh on others, which makes finding a "fit" teacher difficult. Her ego and perfectionism also lend themselves towards jealousy and covetousness, and she does not handle rejection or insults well.

ESTJ-T - The Executive
Bordering on Neutral Evil

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Kiwi was born into Drageda to Wildfire and Thuringwethil, and since birth she's felt herself entitled to a whole lot more than what she's gotten. Bossy and upfront, she had a good natured but occasionally competitive relationship with her siblings, though that changed when Thuringwethil left. Upset at being left behind on what she saw as a training mission, she became embittered. This only worsened after Bat and Silkie both disappeared without a single word, leaving her and Tux to look after a distraught Wildfire.

Angry at what she saw as a series of betrayals, even after Silkie's return, she jumped at the chance to go with when Wildfire said she was leaving. Drageda was her home, and she loved her family there, but with Nomi gone she wasn't able to lose Wildfire as well, and a part of her rebelled at the idea that she should obey and stay put. So she departed, joining her mother in traveling to stay with the Redhawks and taking her best friend Sequoia along. They remained there until Wildfire proposed a new pack, one that Kiwi was thrilled to help create and eventually, hopefully, lead.

She was made Regent and, eventually, came around to the idea of new siblings when Wildfire announced her intentions with Eljay. Shortly after, however, she met with her brother Artaax again, hoping to gain more training as a warrior. He attacked her, then revealed that Thuringwethil had died. After another letdown from another mentor, Kiwi decided that she'd learned enough and did not need another.

After the attack, she began to withdraw, and her position in the Firebirds began to feel more and more like a passive and empty honor. She did not have nearly the respect or adoration she felt she deserved (and wasn't wise enough to consider earning it). So she departed, heading on a trip up the coast that would bring her to Drageda. She did not intend to stay, but when she found the place deserted, she decided to attempt to stake her claim on her "birthright".

When she returned home to check in and to tell Wildfire about her new claim, she found her mother recently dead and Colt in charge. She attacked and the savage fight left them both maimed, but her the loser. She might have died if not for Wraen, who found her and secretly contacted Yami. Once reunited, she suggested they leave, and her best friend agreed. Together they departed the wilds.
Parents: Wildfire (x Etoille) & Thuringwhethil

Siblings: Artaax, Blixen, Robin
*Rorqual, *Tux, *Silkie
Whiskey Jack, Elfie

* - littermates

Currently, Yami is the only wolf that Kiwi considers family.
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Leave firebirds for a new claim
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You really gonna fuck w a bitch this insane
Cliffs are mine, Drakru once my name
Better get it through your brain
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- Miryam
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