Profile of Skraeling: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Skraeling Ivarstead
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (4/01/2017)
Birthplace: North
At A Glance
Dark face. Dark legs. Wooly grey body.
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Profile of Skraeling: Details
An ashen body with an inky facemask. Matching black stockings. Silver-green eyes. Built for cold climates, she possesses a particularly wooly coat, which gives way a svelte and becoming figure in the warmer months.
Skraeling is an energetic creature with a sunny disposition. Strong-willed and stubborn, but loyal to a fault. She does what she thinks is best in each situation, although she sometimes fails to see the big picture in her rush to right all wrongs.
Born to a loving mother and dutiful father alongside several littermates. Cared for by family and elder siblings. Stuck around until the next litter was born. Dispersed post-haste when said younger siblings began to yowl. Spent some time in the Teekon Wilds among the Morningsiders and developed a friendship with Sunny. However, she soon left the Wilds to join her brothers in a pack called Round Valley.

Near the end of 2018, she returned to the Teekon Wilds to join Sunny once more at a pack called Elysium.
Pack History
Parents: Valhalla and Hersir
        2016: Jarl, Huskarl
        2017 (littermates): Antonia, Leto, Skadi
        2018: Rosalind, Raimo, Delano
In-Laws: Sunspot (via Jarl) and Lavender (via Huskarl)
IVARSTEAD04/01/2017 - 3/10/2018
DISPERSAL WOLF03/10/2018 - 04/01/2018
MORNINGSIDE04/01/2018 - 05/08/2018
ROUND VALLEY05/26/2018 - 12/26/2018
ELYSIUM12/26/2018 - present
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