Profile of Malġuk: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Malġuk
Body Type: Endomorph ᛫ 120lbs
Subspecies: Mix
(C. l. campestris x C. l. occidentalis)
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (February 3, 2015)
Birthplace: Outside of the Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Malġuk: Details
A throwback to one of Tartok's rejects, but she more than makes up for it with constant travel, training, and combat. Malġuk is the spitting image of her now deceased grandfather Suinnak, except in the case where he was always soft, round, and heavy-set with fatty tissue, she is big-boned and well stocked with muscle. Her coat is a luxurious mixture of rich coffee brown and soot, with irregular splashes of off-cream at the nape of her neck (forming a v in the winter months when her coat becomes more dense), and striations of silver throughout. Her eyes are a soft rose pink.
Noatak was promised to the warrior Kilalurak, but when the season came she was taken by Unnuq. Furious to be put second, Kilalurak waited until he could not contain himself and hunted Noatak down when she was at her most vulnerable and attacked her, as well as her newborns. The man Unnuq tried to intervene, but the man known as "Great White" was successful in destroying the pair, as well as their offspring. Before Noatak could succumb to her own injuries she secreted her daughter Malġuk away and called for aid, but she died believing her line had ended. Malġuk was rescued by the wolves of Tartok — she was named by them, raised according to their customs, and when she was old enough to branch off, she did so without issue.
Pack History
MATERAL AUNTS: Nuvuk ♀, Shila ♀,
MATERNAL UNCLES: Maguyuk ♂, Onartok ♂, Tungortok
PATERNAL AUNTS: Dixàn ♀, Kiyara ♀
PATERNAL UNCLES: Vadun ♂, Yasha ♂

PARENTS: Noatak ♀, Unnuq

OTHER: Tartok, Buniq ♀, Nauja ♂ (cousins)
LONE WOLF — birth to six months
TARTOK — six months to two years
LONE WOLF — two years to present
Profile of Malġuk: Additional Information
Malġuk can speak English ("Common"), Inuit ("Tartokian"), and Tuvan ("Northern").
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