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Full Name: Rysk Aestera
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (December 6, 2016)
Birthplace: Rocky Mountains
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Rysk has a ash-brown colored pelt with dark markings in his face, his back, his legs and the tip of his tail. His eyes are blue and green, like the sea.


Impulsive, brave, slightly belligerent, disregard for authority, pretends not to care but secretly cares a lot, can be considerate when he wants to be and flirts with anything and everything.


Rysk is born as the second son of the Alpha male of his pack. His mother, who is not affiliated with the pack, dies soon after giving birth. He is raised alongside his half brother and although the pack disagrees, their father raises them as equals, as they are both of his own blood.

Rysk and his brother are best buds during their puppy years, but this soon changes when they get older and his father weaker. When the time has come and his brother becomes the new Alpha, the pack wants Rysk gone, as his blood is not pure. His brother, succumbing to the pressure, decides that if he wants to stay, he must fight for his place in the pack. Feeling betrayed and alone, Rysk chooses to leave.

Rysk enters Teekon Wilds.

Pack History

Parents: mother and father
Siblings: half-brother

LONE WOLF - April 4, 2018 till April 9, 2018
SWIFTCURRENT CREEK - April 9, 2018 till present - ζ - ε
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