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Basic Info
Full Name: Ukulele
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Medium, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 5 years old (April 4, 2018)
Birthplace: ???
Profile of Ukulele: Details
She's a classic gray wolf with honey brown eyes. The left side of her face is disfigured and bears old scars from a brutal attack.
Lele is very kind, compassionate and caring. She has always been a good girl and has tried her best to live up to that idea, making excuses to those, who mistreat her, or those, who knowingly/unknowingly use her. She believes in the best in all people. When on her own, she is quiet, socially awkward and has a difficult time blending in with people she does not know very well.

In the light of the attack on her, as well as becoming older, she is less trusting of other people, and her better nature is hidden behind a rough shell, built to protect her. She has a hard time accepting the fact that she does have personality traits that she considers negative (or put under a term "inner Larkspur" ) and that the good-girl side now is so hard to bring forward.
Ukulele was concieved in a moment of passion between Tambourine and Poughkeepsie and was born in early 2018. Her birth-mother for reasons Lele is unaware of did not stay in the picture for long and for a while it was her and her dearly beloved dad against the world. When Larkspur came into the picture, Lele looked up to her as a mother figure, despite the fact that the former openly despised kids and never showed any affection to her. It was from this emotionally distant relationship that the young girl began to believe that if only she worked hard enough, people would see her worth, accept her and love her more. This is something she has taken with her later in life too.

She was very close with her younger sister Harps and basically raised her, because Larkspur did not want to have anything to do with her. It was with her that Lele felt the most at ease and they had a glorious year together, until the sibling decided to head out on her own. Ukulele wanted to follow dearly, but she also could not bear to leave Tambourine behind, who for whatever reason, still felt attached to Larkspur, even if this toxic relationship did not make anyone happy.

Around this point she also had grown disillusioned about the whole idea of ever being good enough for her step-mother and, when a young pack wolf they happened to meet during their travels, began to court her and shower in affection, she bid her father goodbye and set out to have a new and promissing start in life. However, that dream of "happily ever after" soon turned into a nightmare, because it turned out that her Prince Charming had already a mate and a family. Though he still kept meeting her in secret, declared his love to her, told numerous times, how he was going to leave his witch wife and that they will build a life together, that she just needs to be patient etc., there were always reasons to put it off for later.

Until one day his mate, who had long had suspicions about her mate's infidelity, decided to act. She and some other packmates found Lele and attacked with an intent to kill. Badly injured she fled and has been on her own ever since.

She has moved between living as a loner or as a pack wolf, always finding out that being in company of other wolves gets harder the older she becomes. After two brief stints with staying in packs, she did not find this particular way of life very comfortable. Therefore she set on her way again to enjoy the rest of her life (as long or as short it may be) as a nomad.
Parents: Tambourine and Poughkeepsie
Step-mother: Larkspur
Sibling: Harps
Pack History
Nomad and lone wolf for all her life.

Brecheliant and Moonspear.
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Lele's main goal in her story is to learn, who she is, and accept it.
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