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Basic Info
Full Name: Alkaia Gabris (al•kay•uh)
Subspecies: eastern wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (august 10, 2015)
Birthplace: ebon lake
At A Glance
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Profile of Alkaia: Details
her coat is magnificent blend of cinnamon, coppers, and browns. her underside is a light cream color while her back is dusted with grays and blacks. her eyes are ocean blue.
neutral good
cautious • intelligent • selfless
*alkaia’s english vocabulary is limited and relies on body cues for communication
*alkaia is cautious around males at best and aggressive at worst

ebon lake
born the eldest daughter of areto alongside her twin sister molpadia and her unnamed brother, who was killed shortly after birth.
she was taught of the amazons culture throughout her childhood. by the time she was a yearling she knew how to fight and use medicinal herbs along with harmful ones.
areto sends alkaia out of ebon lake in hopes that their culture would spread and the gabris bloodline continue.
Pack History
alive deceased unknown
mother: areto
father: ???
siblings (as of 2014): okypous, phoebe, valaska
littermates: molpadia, ???
ebon lake
νεολαία > πολεμιστής

Profile of Alkaia: Additional Information
if you’d like to adopt one of alkaia’s siblings pm me on discord! alexx#5688
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