Profile of Daggerjaw: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Daggerjaw Bandersnatch
Subspecies: Coywolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (April 1, 2016)
Birthplace: Southern California
At A Glance
A dusty, sandy shadow.
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Profile of Daggerjaw: Details
Wiry and small, she resembles her coyote father much more than her wolf mother. Her coat is shades of dust and sand, the better to blend into the scrub brush she grew up in. Her eyes are strikingly yellow and there is something not quite right in them, like she's just a bit crazy.
Daggerjaw is ambitious and a bit off her rocker, though not quite evil. Something like Chaotic Neutral. She basically just does what she wants. And what she wants right now is to settle down in this new area, perhaps piss off a few of the locals.

She's sort of pirate-y, but she's one of the nicer ones. She doesn't really condone horrible behavior, like torturing or killing innocents. She might swear like a sailor sometimes but she'd never hurt a fly unless she had to. The most she does is pranks and messing with people.

She has an internalized prejudice against fully-blooded wolves and this causes her to stay away from most packs, who either don't accept coywolves at all, or who treat them as second-class citizens. (OOCly, I know there are packs on here that treat coywolves fairly, but she doesn't).

She refers to other coywolves or full coyotes as "Sister" or "Brother" and to full-blooded wolves as "Cousin."
Daggerjaw and her siblings Shivtooth and Whiptail travelled away from their home in warm and sunny Southern California, looking for a wilder and more exciting locale. At some point along the way, they separated, with plans to meet up again soon, but whether or not Dagger will ever see her siblings again is up to fate...
Pack History
Mother and Father Bandersnatch.
Littermates: Shivtooth and Whiptail.
Natal Pack: April 2016-June 2017
Lone Wolf: June 2017-Present
Profile of Daggerjaw: Additional Information
If you would like to adopt either of Daggerjaw's siblings, you can PM me here or on Discord. See here for more details!
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