Profile of Wyatt: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Wyatt Redleaf
Subspecies: Mixed
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (April 10th, 2018)
Birthplace: Bearclaw Valley
At A Glance
can i offer you this nice egg in this trying time?
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Profile of Wyatt: Details
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Art Credit: Kite

Wyatt is a nearly-perfect replica of his maternal-grandfather, Reek. His dark coat is feathery and unkempt, and his eyes are the color of swamp water. Even in adulthood, Wyatt's body will remain lanky and rail-thin. His voice is likened to Evan Peters.

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Height: 2'5" · Weight: 125 lbs
Pack History

Adopted Parent: Caiaphas
Adopted Siblings: Rhakios, Ephraim, Illidan, Raleska, Svalinn, Tunerk, Aningan, Kevlyn, Larus, Wylla, Lyacon, and Ingram

Parents: Xan and Laurel
Littermates: Lucas and Piper
Half-siblings: Nunataq, Yakone, and Marten
Piblings: Sesi, Nanook, Desna, Greyback*, Atshen, Keelut, Astrid, Damien*, Abraxas, Milo, Indra, Tambourine, Tapat, Astik, and Phoenix
Cousins: Steph, Ezra, Clary, Keen, Arlette, Merrit, Ukulele, and Merrick
Active · Deceased · Inactive · * (In-law)

RUSALKA · 12/15/18 — present

LOST CREEK HOLLOW · 10/31/18 — 12/10/18
BEARCLAW VALLEY · 04/10/18 — 10/30/18


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Profile of Wyatt: Additional Information
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