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Full Name: Jagwyr Getsasurnamelater
Subspecies: Northern timber wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (Spring 2013)
Birthplace: Not from 'round here
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— Large but not like fucking gigantic.
— Thick-limbed and substantial kind of frame.
— Heavy face and snout, broad paws.
— Pitch black coat. Suuuuper exciting.
— White chin and toes. Just had to have something to fuck and fuss with in photoshop y'know.
— Whatever shade of green eyes. All I know is: not radioactively bright.
— Fully matured, filled out. Well muscled neck, shoulders and ass.
— Bit o' sag to his belly cause he ain't as taut and trim as he was when he was younger.
— Fit as he's ever been and ever will be again.
Life's a bitch.
Then you die.
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