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Basic Info
Full Name: Helix
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 5 (February 10, 2013)
Birthplace: Seageda
At A Glance
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Profile of Helix: Details
Helix takes after many in her family, large and built for power, but with age she has started to slow down. By no means has she lost any strength or endurance, but she feels the effects much more than she used to. Her coat is dark, with an ash and grey undercoat that shines through with movement, with eerie yellow eyes. Three carefully placed marks adorn her right shoulder.
Pack History
Parents: Ecca & Titan
Littermates: Gavriel, Lúthien
Younger siblings: Thuringwethil*, Llyr, Vercingetorix
Mate: Emenheiser
Children: Seregrýn*✝, Eastwood, Lava, Neon

Tovani, Quivel, Uzak (Lúthien & Northrope, 2015)
Freyja, Thyri, Hvitserk, Eske (Gyda & Gavriel, 2016)
Prince (Lúthien & Trigger, 2016)
Artaax*, Blixen*, Robin* (Thuringwethil, Wildfire x Dio, 2017)
Nyko, Druna (Gyda & Gavriel, 2017)
Kiwi*, Rorqual*, Silkie*, Tux*, (Thuringwethil, Wildfire x Étoille, 2018)

* unaware of their relationship to Helix
✝ disowned
Alive. Active. Deceased.
Adoptable characters available.
SEAGEDA — 03/07/13 - 11/15/15
TRIGEDA — 11/20/15 - 02/28/17
SANGEDA — 03/01/17 - 08/01/18
DRAGEDA — 08/13/18 - ??/??/??
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Pronouns: Singular they.
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