Profile of Brynn: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Brynn Rivers
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (06/25/2016)
Birthplace: The mountains of northwest Canada
At A Glance
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Height: 2.5ft
Length: 4ft
Weight: 130lbs

Current scars: New scar from deep bite wound to top of muzzle. She is self-conscious about it.
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Profile of Brynn: Details
Brynn Has a thick, Bushy, silky coat. She has a mixture of black, grey, and white on her back and neck with intermittent spots of mostly black. Her hair gets lighter as it descends to her underside where it is mostly white. Her legs are all white. Brynn has some tan coloring in the corners of her eyes, the backs of her ears, and at the places where her ears meet her head. Her eyes are a very light, icy yellow.
When first meeting Brynn, others will notice that she is very reserved and standoffish. As a lone wolf and as a reasult of her past, Brynn has come to be wary of strangers. Because of her off-putting initial appearance, she does not make friends easily.

What others might find once they get to know her is that she actually craves acceptance; She craves it so much that she has come to fear seeking it. In order to protect herself, she puts up a front that deters most from wanting to get to know her.

Once Brynn becomes close with another wolf, though, she is loyal to the end. Once comfortable around someone, Brynn actually has a great sense of humor. Brynn loves being around those she trusts.
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Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: ISFJ
Brynn was born to a small pack high up in the mountains in northwest Canada. She had a good childhood with loving and protective parents. At about a year into life, Brynns pack was dwindling and all feared what that could mean for their future. After a particularly brutal winter, The alpha of the pack, her father, was slowly recovering from an illness. Two lone wolves wandered into their territory, and sensing her father's weakness, challenged and killed him. When Brynn's mother stepped into to fight off the strangers, she was also killed. Brynn barely escaped but was badly injured.

Brynn spent the next year as a lone wolf doing whatever it took to survive. The lone wolf lifestyle has not offered much in the way of comfort or kindness. This life has made Brynn come to expect the worst and, therefore, she had lead a somewhat lonely life.
She lost her sister, Onai a few weeks after birth to unknown causes. Her brother Nashoba became badly injured in his first hunt and died from complications afterward. She was closest to her brother Lyall, but she became separated from him the night their parents died and she has no clue what happened to him. All she can hope for is that he escaped and found a good life somewhere.

But that is in her past. At least, that is what she keeps trying to tell herself.
Pack History
Mother: Jocelynn Rivers; Deceased.
Father: Makoce Rivers; Deceased.

Brother: Lyall Rivers; Unknown
Brother: Nashoba Rivers; Deceased
Sister: Onai Rivers; Deceased
LONE WOLF - 6/15/2017 to 5/14/2018

EASTHOLLOW - 5/14/2018 to Present

Profile of Brynn: Additional Information
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